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Monday, July 31, 2017

~ Chamalongo/Obi/Cowrie Shell Readings ~

* © information that is taught to the initiated students of Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition once they receive Luceros*

Chamalongos or Kujamputu are the divination tools that a Tata/Yaya Nganga use when working with clients. This method comes from the Congo-Cuban religious practice of Palo Mayombe and  is the primary method used with the spirits and Nkisis.  They are made from a coconut husk that has had the flesh removed, shaped, sanded, prepared and consecrated in a Palo ceremony given only to initiated Tatas and Yayas as it draws upon the spiritual pact made with NOT only the Nfumbe that resides within the Nganga but the Nkisi as well.  This system is primaraly used by initiates that have Luceros in Palo, Eshus, Warriors and of course one of the many different caminos of Eleggua in Lucumi although it is called Obi in this practice.  This is also used in traditional Ifa Orisha practices to speak to the orishas and for ancestral communication

There is also a four cowrie shell system that is used to communicate with the Ancestors  but this also something that is prepared and consecrated in a special ceremony and given only to those that are initiated.  I have seen in some houses where cowrie shells are used instead of Chamalongos and Obi.

How the Chamalongos/Obi/Four Cowrie Shells Work
The Chamalongos are used to answer yes or no questions and do so very effectively so you will pretty much know if you have all the materials needed to cast spell work for clients and that they have been set up properly,the confirmation of messages the spirits have given, if anything has been overlooked and most importantly if the spirits will give permission to proceed with the work and if any other course of action needs to be taken.

The instructions given to the Palero/a by both the Nfumbe and Nkisi are the cornerstone of our spellwork which is why it is essential to confirm that we are interpreting the messages clearly. We also confirm if the instructions given are NOT from a dark spirit, since NOT all spirits are helpful. The answers are given when the chamalongos are tossed on the floor and depending on how the pieces fall the letter is given that is the answer.

How to Conduct a Chamalongo/Cowrie Shell/Obi Reading
The first step before conducting a Chamalongo reading is to set the area of the consultation up and once that is done and you have taken the proper cleansing bath are the prayers that are taught orialy to you by your Padrino/Madrina.  Yeah sure anyone can toss coconut and cowrie shells, but not everyone can take a yes/no line of questioning in the right direction to flesh out all of the details you need for the work to be done right.

The opening prayers start by invoking the authority of  the supreme force of nature that created everything God the Creator (Nsambimpungo in Palo, Olofi in Lukumi) , then on to the special salutations given to spirits you are addressing. The prayer is finished with an identification of yourself by your initiatory name, and a simple explanation of what you are seeking to do.
The most important question asked is always  “Are you willing to assist me with this?” followed by an opening toss of the chamalongos. If the answer is affirmative then proceed with breaking down the situation of the client into a series of simple questions to be ask.  If the questions are too elaborate you will not get the correct response needed and the chamalongos/cowries/obi will be become overheated in which case they must be refreshed or "cooled down".

The 5 Letters of a Chamalongo/Cowire/Obi Reading
There are 5 primary letters in which the chamalongos speak which are similar to the ones used in both the Lukumi tradition and in the Traditional Ifa Orisha Practices. Below using both the diagrams of the Chamalongos/Obi and the Cowrie shells you can see how they are interpreted.  The the white circles or opened mouths indicate concave-side up, while the dark circles or closed mouthes indicate concave-side down.

(Alafia)  Answer: Yes.  This can be a sign for good health, Peace and Tranquility and Money blockages being removed. If one coconut sits on another it is a special blessing called "Alafia with Ire". This layout signifies well-being. No need to ask again.

(Etawa)  Answer: "Weak Yes".  You need to throw the chamalongos a second time to determine if the answer is yes or no. Now it could be your question may become a strong yes with spiritual work or a cleansing. Or the answer is uncertain or the Spirits are neutral. If Etawe falls there may have been a mistake in the divination procedure or the question may need to be reformulated. It is also possible that the topic of questioning is not the topic of true concern. Offer the spirits a small offering such as rum, honey, palm oil, or tobacco. Ask again, more elaborately.

(Ejife)  Answer: Balanced Yes. Ejife is the strongest and most definite answer.  If the two white coconut fall on each other (touch or lay on each other) it is called "Ire" which is especially good blessing. This is a special sign! No need to ask again.

(Ocana)  Answer: No. The Reader should reformulate the question so that it can be answered. This is an important letter! First, it says you must give ebbo or sacrifice to your Eggun or Spirit for a positive outcome.
Second, you must ask again, and keep changing the question until the Spirit gives you the root problem. There is a warning here of bad magic or a negative person who is causing problems. Keep asking the Spirit until you discover where the problem lies. Once you have a "Yes" answer ( Is it my brother? Is it my neighbor? , etc.) the issue is over. The root problem must be dealt with.

 (Oyeku) Answer: No. This is a very dark omen and indicates not only complete failure but that death or the spirits of the dead are lurking in the area and demanding attention.  The Reader should immediately ask again, this time asking what Spirit a sacrifice must be given to and what it wants in order to "kill" the sign - or not allow misfortune to befall the client  before continuing back with your original line of questions.

Closing a Chamalongo/Cowrie/Obi Reading 
Once everything with regards to the client has been answered the final step I do with the chamalongos is to close out the reading with the Nfumbe or Nkisi is by asking “Is everything ncheche bacheche with me?” This is their opportunity to let me know if I need to cleanse myself with a special symbol, prayers to elevate my spirits, perform an extra spiritual work. Once they give an affirmative answer, the reading is closed and recorded so that both you and the client have something to refer to at a later time if a situation needs to be revisited.
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~ Saint Magick - Saint Ignatius of Loyola ~

FEAST DAY: July 31
LEGEND: Spanish nobility. Youngest of twelve children. Page in the Spanish court of Ferdinand and Isabella. Military education. Soldier, entering the army in 1517, and serving in several campaigns. Wounded in the leg by a cannonball at the siege of Pampeluna on 20 May 1521, an injury that left him partially crippled for life. During his recuperation the only books he had access to were The Golden Legend, a collection of lives of the saints, and the Life of Christ by Ludolph the Carthusian. These books, and the time spent in contemplation, changed him.
On his recovery he took a vow of chastity, hung his sword before the altar of the Virgin of Montserrat, and donned a pilgrim's robes. Lived in a cave from 1522 to 1523, contemplating the way to live a Christian life. Pilgrim to Rome and the Holy Land in 1523, where he worked to convert Muslims. In 1528 he began studying theology in Barcelona, Alcala, and Paris, receiving his degree on 14 March 1534. His meditations, prayers, visions and insights led to forming the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus on 15 August 1534; it received papal approval in 1541. Friend of James Lainez, Alonso Salmerón, Nicholas Bobadilla, Simón Rodriguez, Blessed Peter Faber, and Saint Francis Xavier, the group that formed the core of the new Society. He never used the term Jesuit, which was coined as an insult by his opponents; the Society today uses the term with pride. He travelled Europe and the Holy Lands, then settled in Rome to direct the Jesuits. His health suffered in later years, and he was nearly blind at death.
The Jesuits today have over 500 universities and colleges, 30,000 members, and teach over 200,000 students each year.
PEITION SAINT INGATIUS OF LOYOLA: to protect the home from burglers and evil spirits, for spiritual development
PATRONAGE: Basque country; diocese of Bilbao, Spain; Bizkaia, Spain; Gipuzkoa, Spain; Guipuscoa, Spain; Guipúzcoa, Spain; Jesuit Order; Jesuits; military ordinariate of the Philippines; retreats; Society of Jesus; soldiers; Spiritual Exercises (by Pope Pius XI); Vizcaya, Spain
REPRESENTATION: apparition of Our Lord; book; chausuble; Holy Communion
Copyright © 2002 – Present Black Witch Magick
All Artwork And Information Seen On This Website MAY NOT be copied, edited, published, reproduced, transmitted nor uploaded in anyway without written consent and approval. My images ARE NOT for the public domain to use. All my work is REGISTERED and PROTECTED under International Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 30, 2017

~ La Boveda Espiritual - Spiritual Altar ~

Black Witch's Boveda decorated for Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition's Festival Of Souls October 31 2006 with her spirit dolls on both sides of the Boveda

© Excerpts From A Section Of My Completed and Soon to be Published Book  "Mi Cuadro Espiritual" Which My Students Must Obtain When They First Join Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition. I Will Soon Be Making This Book Available To The Public *

The Boveda is NOT ONLY a sacred space where we can connect with our spirit guides and protectors but also a power center where various spirit servers of common interests converge whose powers can be evoked by the devotee.  Your Boveda is a place for you to meditate, pray, desquitarte and also a tool to pick up negative vibes throughout your house as well.  Depending on the house you are involved in will come about the way your Boveda will be constructed as some houses have 1, 7, 9, or 21 cups.

The meanings and representations of the cups will also vary as well.  For some the cups represent the KNOWN nations of the spirits within the cuardo espiritual (Spiritual Quadrant) while others will have a set designation for the cups.  The cups represent the delegations of spirits which are:

The Congo/African
The Gypsy
The Religious
The Warrior/Indian
The Healers
The Angelic
The Magicians/Witches

This is an example of a set designation of the cups which will vary slightly from house to house:

1) Main Cup - Large brandy snifter type of glass placed in the middle for your spirit guides
2) Eggun or Familiar Spirits: Family Members that have passed (NOT PETS)
3) Spirits Of Labor: The Spirits that work with you
4) Protector Spirits: Spirits that assist your labor spirits to protect and defend you
5) Spirits In Need: Spirits in need of thought and prayer
6) Obsessor Spirits: Spirits that can obsess us into fanaticism, (Keep Them In Check)
7) Fe, Esperanza Y Caridad (Faith, Hope and Charity): One Of The Principles of Spiritism

In My House we have seven cups, three on either side and the Main Cup in the center that represents "El Santisimo" or your Protector Spirit.  "El Santisimo" refers to the Catholic Terminology "El Santisimo Sacramento" or in English "The Blessed Sacrament" referring to the Eucharist, Corpus Cristi being the Feast Of The Body Of Christ.

The Corpus Cristi is the Santisimois.  It is the white bread wafer (only after it has been blessed), Before that is is simply called "Hostia."  Sancity is a Catholic word and found in the Catholic Catechism meaning "Holiness.  In non Catholic Christian refers to the "Holy Of Holies" the place where the Arc Of The Covenant was placed.

"The Most Holy, could be construed to refer to the Godhead, For the Boveda El Santisimo cup is a sacred cup representing God.  Some Espiritistas look at it like the larger cup being the main spirit guiding or controlling the other spirits represented in the small cups.  The main larger cup being in the middle and the smaller cups surrounding the larger cup as a representation of protecting you from the front, back, and the sides thus forming and invisible protecting shield.

The list above is not set in stone simply because with very individual the spirits change.  The main cup which is used to crown you will be a cup slightly different from the rest and will have a crucifix placed in it afterwards.  It is recommended that you first do a Misa De Investigasion or Spiritual Investigation to determine the identity of some of your spirit guides and their applications, so that the attention given to them will be optimal.

You should also pay close attention to your intuition because you can receive messages from them to put some extras on your Boveda as time goes on.  During your time in front of your Boveda you will pray to your ancestors, spirit guides, teachers and advisors for health, stability and spiritual guidance for you and yours from God, Jesus, The Virgin Mary and all the spiritual beings around you.

To construct a Boveda one will need the followings items listed:

1) Square, round or rectangular table
2) Plain white tablecloth
3) 6 clear* PLAIN clear or brandy glasses and one slightly bigger glass that goes in the middle
4) A small or medium size crucifix or plastic rosary that will go in the Main Cup
5) A candle holder
6) White Candles dipped in Holy water at a Catholic Church
7) Candle snuffer
8) Flower vase
9) Florida Water or Kolonia 1800
10) Holy Water From A Catholic Church
11) Incense burner
12) Swisher Sweets Cigars Or Cigarrillos
13) Small Plate and Cup for Food Offerings, a shot glass for liquor
14) Ash tray
15) Collection of Selected Prayers by Allan Kardec

* These glasses CANNOT be colored, have markings, engravings or fancy decorations, they MUST BE PLAIN.  Also do not get glasses that are too thin otherwise they will break when you wash them and you will be making a lot of trips to the store to replace them so make sure that the glasses have a bit of thickness to them.  I have found that the Anchor Hocking Brand is the best*

First you will to select a space that is quiet where family members will not bother you and where your pets will not knock things off your Boveda so preferably an area that family and friends don't frequent.

There are places where you CANNOT have your Boveda and they are the bedroom, in front of a mirror and the closet.  Why do you ask, because the spirits would not find your sexual escapades of interest aside from the fact that they would be offended. The mirrors reflects everything backwards as well as the fact that they can be used as portals and unless the closet is completely empty and is not located in the bedroom so you don't start a fire by lighting candles.

Also another important piece of information is to not like I have seen people do because they think it "looks cool" is put a mirror tabletop on top of the white table cloth then put the glasses on it. BIG NO NO.  If a spirit asks for a mirror then you may place one BUT always either place it facing mirror side down or cover it with a cloth, NOT A BLACK CLOTH.  Since this is your first time setting up a Boveda you must first sweep, mop, vacuum and dust your entire house aside from the area where you will set up your Boveda and get rid of any broken items or junk from your house.

Once this is done open up all the windows and doors to your house (unless its winter of course) and burn a bit of Frankincense and sprinkle or spray Holy Water to purify the area (DO NOT use Cedar, it is a taboo to do so) then place the table, wipe it down with a solution of Florida water and Holy Water and allow it to dry before placing the white table cloth.  YES kiddies it HAS TO BE PLAIN OLD WHITE, not green, red, purple or any other color from the crayon box or with fancy decorations on it. Why white you ask, because in African Traditions white is the color of the dead so what better way to start your connection correctly than by using the correct color.

Next you will take your glasses and wash them with either a bit of ammonia, bleach or a solution of White Rum and Florida Water and a bit of dish detergent and allow them to either air dry or dry them with a fresh clean dish towel.  Now place the glasses in a row and add one small mint leaf in each glass then light a cigar or cigarillo and blow smoke into each glass.  If one of your glasses should break you will have to repeat this step with the new glass every time you replace it before adding it to your Boveda.  Now run your cold faucet and allow it to run for a few minutes to make sure the water is really cold then beginning with the small glasses first fill each one up almost to the top but not to the rim to avoid having the water run over which is another NO NO then place them on the Boveda with the Bigger cup in the center adding the crucifix inside the glass then the other six around it forming a circle then to the left and right two small white candles.

You are probably asking "Why do you have a crucifix on your Boveda?"  The cross is not just a image of worship but a symbol of hope, faith and charity which is what Jesus practiced during his walk on earth.  The cross does have magical influence against evil.  A reminder to them of how Jesus conquered death and Evil itself and Jesus did not call us to join a religion but to be religious; he called us to be his disciples and follow his lead example.  The cross is not about religion; it is about relationship with God and your fellow brothers and sisters. So when faced with darkness, doubt, fear or being attacked by dark influences remember these words as an Espiritista working El Campo Espiritual: "For he has said 'never will I leave you; never will I abandon you,' therefore we can with confidence, " the Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me" (Heb 13.5-6)

Knowing the Power of the Cross, Demons, evil spirits fear Christ: "And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made public spectacular of them, triumphing over them by the cross." (Jn14:30)

"Many came to him that were demon possessed and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick" (Co 12:15)

"I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you." (Matt 8:16)

As the examples above clearly state, that is the reason WHY we have a cross on our Boveda.  You should have a crucifix placed on or in your large glass.  Beside it representing " El Santisimo", it will let the spirits that walk the earth know that your Boveda is strictly in harmony with GOD Almighty and the good of mankind.  It is believed that without the cross you allow yourself to be open to muertos (oscuro, dark, low class spirits) to invade your sanctuary being your Boveda and to approach with maybe not so good intentions and this can cause serious harm to you and your family.  Only spirits of peace, love and unity will approach your Boveda when called upon in times of prayers, devotions and supplications.

Now back to the construction of the Boveda, add the flower vase with the white carnations then light the white candles and ask your Spiritual Court to protect you from all evil around you, from those that wish you harm, to guard your head and the thoughts and that your steps be firm and secure.

Now you will sit in front of your Boveda and for the rest of the week pray, meditate ans seek guidance from your spirits, with time you will be able to distinguish between the spirits talking to you and your own thoughts and develop your mediumistic abilities BUT ONLY if you continue to sit daily to pray and meditate. After the first week is over take the water from your Boveda, a few petals from the flowers and some fresh sage leaves and make a spiritual bath from it.  Clean your glasses and refill with cold water then you arrange the glasses in two rows with the Main Glass in front then a white candle in front of the Main Glass.  Should you notice that the water looks mirky, milky and filmy before the first week clean out the glasses and refill them anew.

This is a sign that there is a lot of negative energy around you that is being collected and that blockades in your path are being lifted, the muertos are warning you of trouble, gossip, misunderstandings, conflict, physical or spiritual attacks or danger, that there maybe stagnation of energy in your home, a muerto oscuro maybe around you or a loved one, you could have an enemy within the religion or are trying to weaken your guides and protectors, that your guides and protectors are hard fighting hard and are being depleted quickly.  During this time you have to do your part and change out the water to refresh them so they can regain their strength back and also let your Padrion/Madrina know of this so that a reading can be done to determine the exact cause and if a Rompimento (breaking) is needed.  The position of your cups might also have to be changed to either attack or defense.

Once you have changed out the water make sure that you keep an eye out for changes and pray a series of prayers as instructed by your Padrino/Madrina as well as to keep a white candle lit at all times until the cups go back to normal.  You will also need to cleanse your house and yourself both physically and spiritually. Before starting prayers, you will take the Florida Water and pour a bit into your hands, dab a bit on the back of your neck, your arms, then passing downward throughout your body as you have been taught to do in order to desporjarte (cleanse yourself).  Once you are done you will knock three times on your Boveda with your dominant hand.  You will spend anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour praying daily.

There are offerings that you will place on your Boveda on a weekly bases:
Red Wine
Florida Water
Food Offerings
White candles

With regards to food offerings you can take a small portion of whatever you have cooked and offer it to them then throw it away the following day.  When presenting yourself to your Boveda it is important to salute your spirits, this is done by extending the index and middle finger of both hands and tapping three times on your Boveda.  When you visit the house of another Espiritista and especially your Padrino/Madrina you must also pay homage to their spirits with this salute unless told otherwise as some practioners do not like others touching their Boveda.  Each Boveda is the spiritual and artistic representation of each individual so no two Bovedas will never look alike.

When you set up your Boveda you will notice that there are bubbles in the cups, the bubbles can mean one of the following:

1) Energy is rising with the spirits
2) They are working on something
3) The spirits are  trying to connect with you and are giving you signs
4) They could just be happy
5) Bubbles in the main cup alone while the others are still means they are extremely happy.

These are the meanings that were taught to me and will vary from house to house. I also teach this to my students/godchildren. This is also a first level initiation in my Coven-Tradition before they move further to the inner circle.   You will need to change out the water every few days depending on how much of a milky film develops in the glasses but for the most part the water needs to be changed once a week, preferably on the same day that you set it up.  Now in my Coven-Tradition we put colorful flowers and decorations as the seasons change and fest days come about but I want to STRESS the importance of following the instructions of your Padrino/Madrina's house.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

~ Francisco and Francisca - Spirits Of Espiritismo ~

Francisco and Francisca - Spirits Of Espiritismo

*© Excerpts From A Section Of My Completed Student Course Book Section “Mi Cuadro Espiritual” Which Is Given To My Students When They First Join Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition*

The images you see above are those of Los Negros Francisco and Francisca, two spirits that many practioners of Espiritismo have in their Cuadro Espiritual or spiritual quadrant.  There are many
different variations of Espiritismo:

Kardec Spiritism

Scientific/Table Espiritismo

Espiritismo Cruzado

Espiritismo De Cordon

Puerto Rican Espritismo

Puerto Rican White Table

Espiritismo Santerismo (Puerto Rican Santeria)

While these various forms of Espiritismo have their roots in Kardecian Spiritism as outlined in his
book "The Spirits Book" others follow from "The Mediums Book" which is widely used in Brazil and Canada where Kardec Spiritism is a recognized religion.

Some of the practioners will use the prayers from his book "Collection of Selected Prayers" while others will opted to minimize its use as they find some of the prayers derogatory, self-effacing or degrading in nature since some of the prayers refer to being a sinner and unworthy of the gifts that GOD has bestowed upon them. Below is a list of books written by Allan Kardec should you wish to study his philosophies further:

The Spirit's Book
The Book On Mediums
The Gospel According To Spiritism
The Genisis According To Spiritism
Heaven And Hell

Copyright © 2002 – Present Black Witch Magick
All Artwork And Information Seen On This Website MAY NOT be copied, edited, published, reproduced, transmitted nor uploaded in anyway without written consent and approval. My images ARE NOT for the public domain to use. All my work is REGISTERED and PROTECTED under International Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved

~ Saint Magick - Saint Martha ~

FEAST DAY: July 29
CANDLE COLOR: Green and White
LEGEND: Sister of Saints Lazarus and Mary of Bethany. Friend of Jesus, hostess to him in her house. May have been part of an early mission to France.
PETITION SAINT MARTHA: in regards to necessities, money problems, domestic problems, to bring closer a lover who is resisting you, to keep a boyfriend or husband faithful, to bring a new lover and to subdue enemies.
PATRONAGE: Butlers; cooks; dietitians; domestic servants; homemakers; hotel-keepers; housemaids; housewives; innkeepers; laundry workers; maids; manservants; servants; servers; single laywomen; travellers
REPRESENTATION: Broom; keys; ladle
Holy Virgin Martha, for the oil which you will consume today, for the oil which nourishes this lamp, for the wick which burns away all impurities, I dedicate this lamp so that you may relieve me of my miseries and help me to overcome all difficulties.  As you dominated the beast at your feet, give me health and work so that I may provide for my needs.
My mother, grant me that __________, may not live in peace until he/she comes to stand at my feet.  This way my mother, for the love of God, grant my petition and eliminate my miseries.....Amen
Holy Virgen Martha, who entered the mountain and tied up the beast with your ribbons, I beg you to tie up and dominate____________.
Saint Martha, let him not sit in a chair, nor lie in a bed until he/she is at my feet. Holy Martha, hear me, help me for the love of God.......Amen
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Friday, July 28, 2017

~ The Use Of Occult Oils ~

Images of our oils sold in 1/2 oz squeeze drop bottles

The use of Occult Oils have been a part of all various types of magickal practices for thousands of years.  Hoodoo Rootworkers traditionally name their oil compounds for the conditions they are believed to cause or cure.  Oils are used in numerous ways while most often they are rubbed on candles which are then burned in ritual, they are also used to anoint charms, mojo-bags, doorways and window sills of a home or business and can also be added to bath water

I always stress to my students the importance of diluting essential oils into a base oil since some people can have bad reactions to certain oils.  Also pregnant women should avoid using essential oils since it is absorbed into the skin and like everything else with pregnancy what effects you will effect your baby.  Below is a list of various oils I have collected over the years from various occult stores and Botanicas.  For a list of the Occult Oils I carry please feel free to check out my Occult Oils Page

1st DEGREE INITIATION ANOINTING OIL Used at the 1st degree Wiccan initiation ceremony.
2nd DEGREE INITIATION ANOINTING OIL This is used at the wiccan 2nd degree initiation ceremony when you become a Priest or Priestess.
3rd DEGREE INITIATION ANOINTING OIL Used at the 3rd degree initiation ceremony when becoming a High Priest or Priestess.
7 ELEPHANTS OIL Used for gambling luck.
7th VEIL OIL It creates a mood of sacred sexuality. Wonderful to scent veils, candles, and your lover for those Tantric evenings
9 INDIAN HERB OIL Used for evil removing.
~ A ~
AB RA OIL To bring love mix with queen bee.
ABRA MELIN ANOINTING OIL This superb and most famous occult oil (which dates back to the Bible) Anointing Oil is used to douse the neophytes hair or head during initiation rites or self-consecration rituals. A Most Holy and pure oil and incense As recommended by Crowley.  This is a well know blend from the “Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage”. Used in rituals for contact of the inner guides. The Sacred anointing oil for consecrating the self and all tools of the magical arts. Have someone obey your wishes.
ABTINA OIL To break bad habits use on blue candles
ADAM & EVE OIL Used to heighten passions and binds lovers who have grown apart or who have quarreled.
AESCULAPIUS OIL Very powerful use during sickness to regain health
AFRICAN JUJU OIL Jinx a person’s nature
AFRICAN VOODOO OIL Used to add strength to one’s will and determination.
AGARBATTI OIL Use before any gambling helps to turn away adversity.
AHH OIL Very powerful during quarter moon for gambling
AIR ELEMENTAL OIL Thinking, Study, Wisdom, Freedom, Travel, Communication, Divination. Good for rituals concerning, Travel (especially travel by air), communication, and intelligence, and other “Air” elements. Try anointing the “Air” candle on your altar with this oil.
AJO MACHO OIL Protects you from evil and envious people.
ANIMA SOLA OIL Used to help the spirits cross over when someone dies. (lonely soul)
ALGIERS OIL Stimulates tender feelings of the heart.
ALGIERS FAST LUCK OIL Makes one very lucky in games of chance.
ALMOND OIL Peace and Prosperity, also good to use as a base in mixing your oils!!!
ALL HEALING OIL Used in healing rituals
ALL NIGHT LONG OIL To inflame or prolong passion with another person. Worn for stamina during sex magick too.
ALL PURPOSE OIL Ultra complex and extremely finely balanced formula allows correspondence with all positive purposes. Confidently use in place of any type of oil or incense in positive ceremonies or protection rites or spells.
ALL SAINTS OIL To bring about good fortune and success honestly.
ALMOND OIL Used in Love and Money Work or in “Sweet Jars”. Almond oil is sacred to Damballah in Haitian Vodou. Said to attract money and good fortune when added to incense
ALTAR OIL Anoint ritual candles and tools. Anoint altars to lift vibrations, so that Holy Spirits will find the room fitting. A general oil. For use for any ritual and in combination with any other oil. Acceptable God/Goddess oil.
ALUM OIL Used to cleanse yourself or your home from all evil.
AMBER OIL For protection from harm and ill luck. Success and Good Fortune
AMBERGRIS OIL This can be used in conjunction with any other oil of your choice – as well as alone for those who may select it as an enchanting personal fragrance.
AMETHYST GEM OIL Crown Chakra, Spirituality, Love, Psychic Awareness, Healing
ANCIENT WISDOM OIL Gives intuitive wisdom to the wearer.
ANGEL OIL Use to attract angels. White magick conjuration rites.
ANGER OIL Used to quiet and smooth someone when their temper flares.
ANISE OIL Used for a peaceful sleep or to give you Youthfulness
ANOINTING OIL General purpose oil for blessing and anointing objects. An all-purpose oil for use with any magical working.
ANUBIS OIL Used to call upon this ancient god. Protection, guidance, The Underworld, death and communication with those in the afterlife.
APHRODISIA OIL Arouse passion, fire, love, lust, happiness, in your partner and get them in the mood; use sparingly.
APHRODITE OIL The Greek Goddess of Love and beauty (Roman Venus). For spells & rites of love, lust and playfulness.
APOLLO OIL Artist & musical skills, intuition, prophecy, wit, harmony, and charisma
AQUARIUS ZODIAC OIL Independence in Action. Use for the Freedom to be Creative in your own way. To gain Intellectual insights. Genuine Intuitive ability to actively manifest your Imagination. To accomplish goals that you know you are capable of.
ARAB-KA OIL Draws customers to a business makes them spend their money.
ARABIAN BOUQUET OIL Powerful protection mixture.
ARABIAN NIGHTS OIL Used to attract friends and lovers to you. Cause others to find you stimulating, exciting and appealing.
ARABKA SOUDAGAR OIL Draws customers to a place of business and for financial gain
ARADIA OIL Used to call upon this ancient Goddess. Moon goddess. Known as the Queen of the Witches. Daughter of Diana. Worshipped by most Wicca’s.
ARCHANGEL OIL To bring a friend closer to you and very protective.
ARI SENTHER OIL Very good when seeking employment or an advancement on the job. Use with Job candle.
ARIES ZODIAC OIL The Springtime Energy of New Beginnings. Use for exciting dynamic energy. It gives the charging impulse to begin fresh ventures. A Passion for life. Initiate courageous change in your life. Enhances natural clairvoyant abilities.
ARRASA CON TODO Use to remove all evil and jinxes you might have.
ARTEMIS OIL Worn by female shamans when invoking or petitioning this goddess in rites.
ASAFETIDA Use to anoint statues for favors
AS YOU PLEASE OIL Brings success in almost any endeavor.  Overcome objections of others to your plans. Persuade others in love, command someone to do your bidding. This oil is used to make others desire to please you at all costs.
ASTARTE OIL Burnt in a room where lovers are to meet, to please good spirits and increase sexual awareness.
ASTRAL GOLD OIL Traditionally used to draw Astral Wealth. Use in wealth ritual, anoint self and money with oil. Sprinkle oil around house, in purse, on temples for prophetic dreams to open doorways to wealth.
ASTRAL PROJECTION OIL Used to help people with astral projection.
ASTRAL TRAVEL OIL Ancient formula said to aid entry to astral realm. Anoint temples, forehead and pillow before sleep or when undertaking Astral Projection experiments with a few drops of this oil. During rituals anoint throat & nape of neck with oil for enhanced results.
ATHENA OIL  Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war ~ this oil is used to call upon this ancient goddess.
ATTRACTION OIL Attracts customers to a business when used with green candles, Added to gambling spells for fast results, Attract someone you have your heart set on. Use with red image candle, Used to draw love your way, make them pay attention to you.
AURA OIL Used to clear and intensify your aura.
AURA OF ENCHANTMENT OIL Has been used often to charge, clear and intensify aura with harmonious vibrations & impress both sexes with your finesse. To gain accord with enemies. Use in bath or as body oil, anointing wrists and possessions etc.
AUM OIL Gives off good vibrations when doing spiritual work
AUNT ANNA WISHBONE OIL Makes your wishes and dreams come true. Sprinkle on your pillow before you go to sleep.
AUNT SALLY DREAM OIL Put on your pillow to help you dream the Lotto numbers and for the Lottery.
AUNT SALLY’S LUCKY DREAM OIL To encourage the remembrance of lucky number dreams for betting.
AUNT VALERIE’S HEALING OIL Use copiously to help cure homosexuality.
AUS OIL Add to love spell to bring great success.
AUTUMN LEAVES OIL Soothes ruffled feelings and calms tensions.
AVALONIAN ANGELORUM OIL Add to oil vaporizer to lift vibrations and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Aids in rituals involving the Element of Air. Consecrate, Purify and Bless magical objects with any residue left in bottle.
AVENTURINE OIL Good Luck, Money, Mental Powers, Success at Games of Chance
AWAKENING WARRIOR OIL Use to aid in overcoming obstacles in your path. Awaken the Spirit Warrior in all beings.
~ B ~
BALM GILEAD OIL Beautify skin and enhance spirit.
BALM OF ISIS OIL A tribute to Isis
BALSAM INTRANQUILO OIL Balsam Intranquilo is used to cause stress, anxiety and confusion in your enemy.
BALSAM TRANQUILO OIL This oil can be used to calm an angry or aggressive person.
BANISHING OIL Practitioners may wear oil to cleanse aura and home of evil energies/spirits after hexing or protection rituals. Cease unwelcome visitors.
BAPHOMET OIL  used to call upon this historical figure
BAST OIL Love, song, dance, protection, prosperity, well being, fertility, and precognitive dreams
BAT BLOOD OIL For enemy work, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise. A “Black Art’s” oil used for hexing.
BAT’S EYE OIL Used to break up lovers or separate them. Used in hexing
BAT’S HEART OIL Will cause tension and bad luck to an ex lover who did you wrong.
BAUM DE COMMANDER OIL Used to control and command all those that you may encounter throughout the day.  Especially good for bosses.
BEINGS OF LIGHT OIL Use to aid in getting in touch with light filled beings. Also used in open communication with Extraterrestrials.
BEND OVER OIL Forces others to do your bidding and to bend them to your will. To influence others and protection against hexes.
BENEFICIAL DREAM OIL Helps you remember the contents of your dreams.
BERGAMOT OIL Used for Money rituals or to gain Success, linked to Scorpio signs and the attraction of money when bills are anointed with this scent
BETTER BUSINESS OIL Used to improve business
BEWITCHING OIL Adds mystery, fascination, and sexual allure to love spells. Enticing, beguiling fragrance which binds others to you.
BIBLE OIL Use when trying to understand the bible more clearly.
BIG MONEY OIL Always have sufficient cash to cover daily needs.
BINAH OIL Discovering the mysteries of silence and secrecy; increasing understanding; realizing that all things are united
BINDING OIL Believed to stop enemies taking action against you.
BINGO OIL Enhance your chances of winning.
BIRTH OIL This is used in Wiccan Circles when celebrating the birth of a child within the group
BLACK OIL Use to remove curses and also to increase the power of any hexing or cross ritual
BLACK ART OIL A very strong mixture for people you really hate, used to place a curse on someone you dislike, to return a curse dab a bit on the enemies home or car or job this will cause them harm, used with a Dume candle. Use with caution.
BLACK ARTS OIL Believed to be a powerful aid in destructive spells, hexing and pack making rituals. Cross ones enemies; be sure to put the oil where they will touch it and use with extreme caution!
BLACK CAT OIL A popular dressing oil among gamblers, also used as a form of “reverse bad luck”. Lucky scent. Assures favorable circumstances and friendly encounters. Use with Black Cat Candle to cause an enemy great confusion.
BLACK CANDLE TOBACCO OIL Use with Court case candles for victory in court.
BLACK CHICKEN OIL Used to remove any kind of jinx.
BLACK DEVIL OIL Said to make one impotent one who is unfaithful.  Sprinkle on the person.
BLACK MADONNA OIL Used to bring about healing and transformation. To help liberate obsessions like overeating, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, drug addictions and depression.. Healing and transformative properties.
BLACK MUSK OIL When mixed with break up this make a strong separating mixture.
BLACK ONYX GEMSTONE OIL For defensive magick and protection.
BLACK PROTECTION OIL Used for extreme protection spells and magick.
BLESSED OIL Gain protection of spirits, blocks spells
BLESSINGS OIL Used to bless a baby. Used for new ventures, new homes and for healing. Purifies the soul. Sprinkle all around the room to cleanse & purify it.
BLOCKBUSTER OIL A powerful spell breaking mixture. Use with a Blockbuster candle for best results. Used it to remove obstacles, people and situations blocking your path to progress
BLOOD MOON OIL For Good Journeys, Purification of home, inner cleansing, Karma, Justice, Inner Balance.
BLOODSTONE GEM OIL Heart Chakra, Love, Healing, Courage, Strength
BLUE ANGEL OIL Use with blue candles for protection of children
BLUE SONATA OIL Draw Love. Heighten Sexuality.
BON VOYAGE OIL Customarily used to break up undesirable relationships and drive away enemies and troublemakers without incurring spite & revenge.
BOSS FIX OIL If your boss isn’t right with you, bring him around to favor your cause. Cause your boss to look favorably on your work, often leading to a raise, or promotion.
BOTTOM #20 OIL Hexing mixture that brings instant bedevilment and disorientation.
BREAKUP OIL Used by those who wish to break up a pair or lovers or a married couple. Also used to ease the pain of separation, or even prevent their departure. Use this with an image candle.
BRIDES VEIL OIL Use when you desire to get married to that special someone.
BUCKEYE OIL Used to draw wealth, luck and happiness.
BUDDHA OIL Contact the spiritual guidance of Buddha.
BUSINESS SUCCESS OIL Ideal for self-employed and others who have to close contracts..
~ C ~
CALIPH’S BELOVED OIL Incites sexual feelings and attracts attention to yourself.
CANCER ZODIAC OIL   Used by those born under this sign.
CANDLE OIL  For dressing and blessing candles.  Increases the power of candles.
CAN’T STAY AWAY OIL Helps to attract more friends and lovers.
CARNELIAN GEM OIL Sexual Chakra, Sexual Energy, Creativity, Eloquence, Protection
CAPRICORN ZODIAC OIL A steadfast Determination. Use for Decisions and their Resolution. Clarifying of Ambitions with the Patience to carry through. The Successful completion of hard work. Release inhibitions that cause one to withdraw from social life.
CAST OFF EVIL OIL Alleged to rid one of bad habits, wicked influences and evil companions. Overcome evil.
CAT’S BLOOD OIL Used for breaking jinxes and bad spells placed upon you and as a love attractor.
CAT’S BONE OIL Used to charge a cat’s bone.
CATS EYE OIL Used to protect yourself from envious people.
CAT’S HEART OIL Very powerful at the dog track.
CEDAR OF LEBANON OIL Instill confidence in all one’s dealings.
CEREMONIAL OIL Used before any ritual or ceremony to insure success.
CERNUNNOS GOD OIL Use to aid in the invoking that wild aspect of the God, an ancient commanding potion, a powerful controlling and compelling oil .
CERRIDWEN GODDESS OIL   Use for rituals involving fertility, birth, death, divination, wisdom, poetry, and enchantments. Also used in all rituals involving the Dark Moon Mysteries.
CHAMELEON OIL Used to control and dominate your lover and for good luck.
CHANGO DOMINATION OIL Use this oil for domination over others. Help you to become strong and popular among others.
CHANGO MACHO OIL Used to change ones luck and for games of chance.  To change bad luck into good luck.
CHAOS MAGICK OIL Burn incense in rites of Chaos Magick, to increase effect of Chaotic meditations. Use of oil as a body perfume will enhance what there was before the beginning.
CHESED OIL Discovering the mysteries of love and the use of its energies. Peace & love awakened; stimulating the forces of abundance
CHINESE OIL Use to obtain a higher level of knowledge.
CHINESE LUCK OIL Brings happiness, health, virtue, peace and Long life. Also for all forms of good luck and fast luck.
CHOCKMAH OIL Used in Ceremonial magic for discovering the mystery of purpose and initiative, increasing wisdom; realizing the universal plan as manifest throughout the world
CHUPAROSA OIL It is believed that those who wear this oil will not be turned down for love, attraction and romance.
CHYPRE OIL For great financial gains. Used by gamblers to increase their chances of winning.
CINNAMON OIL  Used for Attraction and gain Speed in rituals, also used with spellwork involving the Orisha Oshun and the Nkisi Mama Shola
CIPHER OIL Use to aid in working with alphabets and when working with computer type records. Aid user in putting things together in an easier more congruent understanding to the work.
CIRCLE OIL Used for attracting Love, Money and Good Luck. Also used in circle casting to seal the circle.
CIRCLE OF PROTECTION OIL  Wear to protect yourself from all forms of negativity and even psychic attack. Anoint door knobs, window sills and the entry ways to a house or business to guard it.
CITRINE GEM OIL Solar Plexus Chakra, Balancing, Psychic Awareness, Healing
CITRUS PROTECTION OIL Removes negativity and inharmonious vibrations. Anoint 3rd eye to increase physic power and energy.
CIVET OIL Used for Protection, Spiritual Enlightenment and as a love perfume.
CLEANSING OIL Used to purify a room.
CLEAR MIND OIL Lemon Verbena to clear the mind for insight & problem solving
CLEAR QUARTZ GEM OIL Brow Chakra, Inspiration, Visualization, Spirituality, Power
CLEO MAY OIL Used by women to attract quick love and by prostitutes to draw clients. For an alluring physical appeal, to compel a man to fall in love with you.
CLEOPATRA OIL   Exiting fragrance for lovers. Also to bring lovers back together. Use with figure candle to cure problems between lovers
CLOSE YOUR PATH OIL Used to close the paths of your enemies so they have bad luck.
COLD MOON OIL For Personal Alchemy, Spiritual Paths, identifying and reaching out to the lonely/needy, to endure, Rebirth.
COME BACK TO ME OIL Used to bring a stray lover back to you
COME TO ME OIL Used commonly for situations where you want to bring round strangers/acquaintances to talk with you or appear to make the first move To attract sexual love.
COMMANDING OIL Said to provoke obedience and subservience in people you meet. Use hand gestures when commanding them.
COMPELLING OIL . Used to make someone that owes you money pay up.  Use with a Money Drawing candle.
CONCENTRATION  OIL Used to help center and focus during ritual s to achieve a higher spiritual level, also good for school studies
CONFUSION OIL Said to bring confusion and befuddlement to those who are working against you.
CONJURE OIL Attract spirits necessary to accomplish the intention one seeks and helps bring on your desires or requests quickly..
CONQUERING GLORY OIL Use to conqueror all obstacles to bring on success and competition.
CONQUERING OIL To successfully influence others, particularly if a conflict has occurred, to conquer situations of legal situations
CONSECRATING POWER OIL Gives person the power to consecrate items.
CONSECRATION OIL A universal formula for people, objects, temples, talismans, dolls and almost anything.
CONTRA DANOS OIL Use for protection from harm.
CONTRA EMBRUJO OIL Protection from witchcraft.
CONTROLLING OIL Often used to target a particular person
COUNTERACTING OIL Rid the home of ambivalent forces. Returns a spell before it reaches you. Also will counteract any evil doing sent your way.
COURAGE OIL Replace fear with fortitude, timidity with boldness, dread with daring. A shy persons best friend.
COURT OIL Brings serenity in the court room  and freedom.
COURT CASE OIL It is claimed that this will influence both judge and jury to decide in your favor.
COURTING OIL When wishing to date someone.
CRONE OIL  Used to aid in invoking that aspect of the triple Goddess. Also used in rites that show respect to age and wisdom of age.
CROSS DE CARAVACA OIL Helps make your wishes come true.
CROSSING OIL Used in so called enemy work or tricks to bring on crossed and negative conditions. Also used to hex rivals.
CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL Customary for actors, artistes, business-people etc  For success in all parts of your life.
CRUCIBLE OF COURAGE OIL When a situation calls for courage use this it gives power over others.
CUPID OIL Helps to make the arrow of cupid zing to the heart of the one you desire.
CYPRESS OIL Comfort and Protection
~ D ~
DA’AT OIL The hidden Sephira. Discovering the mysteries of the shadow side of existence; inner depths explored; knowledge of the Rainbow Bridge
DAMASK ROSE OIL Add to any love ritual to increase power.
DAMIANA OIL Traditional lust oil employed with blood red candles in lust spells.
DAMBALAH OIL Used with the Loa's candle to gain strength, power and courage.
DAMNATION OIL Traditionally used to curse an enemy and cause them great distress and bad luck.
DARK MOON OIL Use for any dark moon purpose. The dark moon is when energy is at it’s lowest.  Great time to attack and banish all the nasties in your life.
DARK MUSK OIL Use this oil for courage, vitality and heighten sensual passion.
DEEP PATCHOULI OIL Used for love and peaceful homes.  Also used to ward off unwanted visitors.
DEJA VU OIL Use this when working with crystal to increase clarity
DELIGHT OIL Use when trying to attract someone of the same sex.
DEL RETIRO Use to keep evil or enemies away from you.
DEMETER GODDESS OIL   Maternal love, caring, fertility, perseverance, sacrifice, and hidden knowledge. This oil of Demeter is useful for depression, anxiety, anger, mood swings, PMS and menopause.
DESERT NIGHTS OIL Used in love spells as an anointing oil. Wear to attract new friends.
DESIRE OIL Anoint your chest and thighs to attract the one you desire.
DESIRE ME OIL Inspires romance and entices the opposite sex.
DESTIERRO OIL Used to banish your enemies. To get rid of someone who is bothering you.
DESTRUCTION OIL Used in curses and hexes
DEVA TREASURES OIL Use to aid in unlocking the subconscious, gifts and powers given to you by the winged spirit folk. Also used to work hand in had with winged folk.
DEVIL OIL Used by those who wish to harm others or to do mischief to them. Create strife and cause bodily harm to your enemies.
DEVIL’S MASTER OIL Gain control over the evil intentions of others. Used in satanic worshipping to master the black arts. Also used to gain power over those of the opposite sex you strongly desire and can be used as a personal anointing oil.
DEVIL’S SHOE STRING OIL To tie down and restrain the devil and also human enemies. Also helps you to keep the upper hand in dealings with the opposite sex.
DEVIL’S SNUFF OIL Use with black skull to bind your enemy and stop others from meddling in your affairs.
DEVIL TRAP OIL Prevent evil from entering the premises.
DIANA DEITY OIL    Mother, protection, birth, wisdom, and healing.
DIONYSUS OIL Powerful oil capturing the attributes of the Greek God Dionysus/Bacchus. Masculine sexual power.
DIVINATION OIL Use when reading Tarot, crystal balls, runes mirrors and the like. Anoint a candle to burn during these times.
DIXIE JOHN OIL Contains Dixie John root used for help in family, love and luck.
DIXIE LOVE OIL Used to inspire romance and lovemaking with others. Inspires flirtations, affection and love affairs.
DO AS I SAY OIL Used to effect the actions of others to do what you want of them..
DO AS I WISH OIL Used to allow you to do the things you want without interference.
DOGWOOD OIL Used for wishes and protection
DOMINATION OIL  Forces others to your will.
DOUBLE ACTION OIL Used to turn away malevolent forces. Add this oil to any other mixture to increase it’s potency.
DOUBLE CROSS OIL Used to dress gifts that are actually intended to harm another. Also when worn it is used to confuse your enemies or break up a love affair.
DOUBLE FAST LUCK OIL Use several drops on lucky charm or Talisman for luck or simply rub 3 drops on each hand.
DOUBLE HEX OIL Used to return a broken hex to the sender.
DOVE’S BLOOD OIL For love and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise. Also used to help when going to court or when on a peace mission.
DOVE’S EYE OIL Sprinkle around the home to let evil intentions blow away with the wind.
DOVE’S HEART OIL Use to bring peace and harmony to a home. Helps to stop arguing and fighting too. To calm the soul and solve problems of the heart.
DRACONIS MARTIS OIL Destroys hexes and spells of negativity. Helps to break depression and bring love. Rub on door knobs and windows around the home for protection. The War Dragon aids in the exorcism of unwanted negative influences in your environment
DRAGON’S BLOOD OIL (my favorite) For luck, very protective and to signify the sealing of a pack or promise of others.
DRAGONS HEART OIL Use to aid in bringing out the fire of a dragon and the wisdom to know when its to your best advantage to use it. Also used to call and still dragons.
DRAGONS HOARD OIL Helps you find opportunity and resources.
DRAW ACROSS OIL Use to draw things to you such as money and luck and people.
DRAW BACK OIL Make a lover return to you,use around your house for protection. Sends evil right back, draws back a spell you have cast when used with yellow candles. .
DRAWING OIL Used to bring money to oneself .  Also used for luck and love.
DRAWING POWER OIL Use to help you have power over others.
DREAM OIL Anoint heart and throat with oil and sprinkle around bed. Said to cause prophetic dreams to occur and cause restful sleep. Also add to your pillow.
DREAM COME TRUE OIL Oil is used to assist in dream and wish fulfillment.
DREAM INTERPRETATION OIL Clears the mind so that one can interpret what dreams mean to you.
DREAMS OF DELIGHT OIL Use when you desire to dream of your lover.
DRESSING OIL Used as an all purpose anointing oil for consecrating candle and talismans and homes.
DRIVE AND BIND OIL Bind someone to you or for holding on to your money and making it stretch.
DRIVE AWAY EVIL OIL Sweep away harmful vibrations.
D.U.M.E. OIL “Death Unto My Enemies”  burned on black candles to harm others.
DRYAD OIL For gay men to dominate their lovers. Use with yellow penis candle. An excellent blend for pursuing the arts of natural magick.
~ E ~
EARTH DRIFTER OIL Use to aid in invoking the powers of the Earth and the Nature Goddess. Also used to aid in grounding & making level headed decisions. Used to aid in building a steady, firm foundation.
EARTH ELEMENTAL OIL For protection of all your possessions. Instills confidence and optimism.  Good for rituals concerning Grounding, Promoting Peace, Fertility, Money, Business Success, Stability, Gardening, Centering, Agriculture, and other “Earth” elements. Try anointing the “Earth” candle on your altar with this oil.
EASY LIFE OIL Attracts the good life with health, blessings, abundance and fortune.
EASY TIMES OIL Use for financial security. Improves personal conditions.
EGYPTIAN GLORY OIL Attain wisdom and help with your goals.
EAST OIL Wearing attracts elementals such as faeries associated with the east.
EASY WRATH OIL Use for overcoming hatred and calming the feelings of someone that dislikes you.
EGYPTIAN BODY OIL Use when people have died and you want him to pass over
EGYPTIAN MUSK OIL Exotic and sensuous to gain sexual desire from the opposite sex
EGYPTIAN TEMPLE OIL Use to get rid of evil and use for protection
EGYPTIAN VISION OIL Used by healer to gain insight
ELEVENTH DEGREE OIL Used to help gain insight
ELF OIL To attract and please the faery folk
ENCHANTMENT OIL For a spellbinding attractiveness. Use to aid in making self or items memorable, used to aid in illusion & power enchantments.
ENCHANTRESS OIL Wear this oil as a powerful aphrodisiac to get a man or your man.  heavy duty attraction oil!
ENDING OIL Use at the end of a ritual so that the spell doesn’t return to you
ENERGY OIL Wear when energy levels are low. Use to renew energy, in healing ceremonies and to strengthen your  energy and to recharge.
ENOCHIAN OIL Use with crystal pyramid for spiritual vision
ENVY OIL Used for protection against envy.
ESBAT OIL Use to invoke spirit of esbat. Good for sexual potency.
ESSENCE OF BEND-OVER OIL Used by those who wish to impose their will upon others.
EUPHORIA OIL Use for rituals of joy, ecstasy, happiness, euphoria and celebrations.
EVE OIL Stimulates men. Used as a powerful aphrodisiac.
EVIL EYE OIL Use to protect you and your loved ones from the evil eye.
EXODUS OIL Get people to depart from your area. Also dispels evil spirits. Very good if you want someone to loose their job.
EXORCISM OIL Powerful formula for troublesome spirits obsessions and possessions of houses or people.
~ F ~
FAERY OIL For use in peace, fairness, beauty and youth spells with a bit of mischievous and lightheartedness.
FALL EQUINOX OIL Used during fall equinox rituals for anointing.
FANTASY OIL Used to make your dreams come true.
FAST LUCK OIL Commonly used by rubbing oil on hands and stake money before making bet to speed win. Sprinkle coupons or  lottery form with oil. Alleged to bring luck in a hurry in matters of money, love, and business. Quickly turns bad luck into good luck.
FAST MONEY OIL  This blend is intended for true emergencies. Use for getting what you really need, not necessarily what you want.
FAST SCRUBBING OIL Excellent to bring success to any type of business and draws customers.
FAST SUCCESS OIL Used to help increase sales people’s turnover in business.
FAVOR OF THE COURT Anoint candles and wear to ensure a favorable court decision only when you are truly innocent or in the right.
FEAR NOT TO WALK OVER EVIL OIL Believed to protect from any tricks that have been laid down around one.
FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION OIL Said to protect one from all the harm, jinxes and pressures that enemies can devise against you.
FINANCIAL LUCK OIL Assures financial success.
FIRE ELEMENTAL OIL  For Passion and Lust, Will power, Purification, Strength, Courage, Communication. Good for rituals concerning protection, Defensive Magick, Purification, Physical Strength, Magickal Energy, and other “Fire” elements. Try anointing the “Fire” candle on your altar with this oil.
FIRE OF LOVE OIL Courage, will power, purification, magick . Strengthens affection between lovers.
FIRE OF PASSION OIL Put oil on both partners to rev up a dull romance and add some spice to sex
FIERY COMMAND OIL Used to make spells work faster. To get another to do your bidding. Put on your hands then touch that person. For people who want their desires met right NOW
FIVE CIRCLES OIL Used for prophetic dreams.
FIVE FINGER GRASS OIL For success in all the things that your five fingers can do and for protection from harm from any person. Rare oil made from a classic Voodoo herb. Used to invoke the five virtues of love, money, spirituality, protection and success.
FLAME OF DESIRE OIL Used to entrap a reluctant lover with this oil. Also makes you totally irresistible to the opposite sex.
FLAMING POWER OIL Dominate and control situations of value to you.
FLAMES OF LIFE OIL Use to aid in dealing with emotions and fanning the flames of life in yourself.
FLYING DEVIL OIL Makes the devil leave in a hurry or to bring a person bad luck
FLYING OIL To gain sight.
FOLLOW ME BOY OIL Said to make a man follow you like a dog. Used among prostitutes to increase and insure financial gain.  Also used to beat court cases and win arguments.
FOLLOW ME GIRL OIL Said to make a woman follow you like a dog.
FOREVER FRIENDS OIL To aid in locating you a best friend or in sealing a friendship you already have. Can be used to call Soul group to yourself.
FORGET HER OIL Used to get rid of painful memories of a lost love or broken affair.
FORGET HIM OIL Used to get rid of painful memories of a lost love or broken affair.
FOUR THIEVES OIL Good for moving Enemies out and away from you.  Chase enemies away for good.
FOUR WINDS OIL The four winds will bring you much success and good luck.
FRANGIPANI OIL Hospitality and Love including friendship
FRANKINCENSE OIL Another of my favorite oils; very strong when used for protection, Luck, Purification and spirituality spells.
FRENCH CREOLE OIL Make one’s dreams come true
FRENCH LOVE OIL Sexually attracting fragrance used to draw lovers or friends.
FRIENDSHIP OIL Used for those who are shy and afraid of people.
FRESH RAIN OIL Used for clearing and all elemental uses of Water.
FREYA GODDESS OIL  Mistress of the gods, Ruler of Earth, leader of the Valkyries. Luck, maternal love, weddings, justice, youth, honor, beauty, peace, and fate
FRIGGA GODDESS OIL Motherly love, childbirth, fertility, and marriage
FRUIT OF LIFE OIL Brings favors from the gods of Love, Wealth, Loyalty, Health and Success!
FULL MOON OIL This is used at rites of the full moon, to draw down the lunar influences, especially good for “Drawing down the Moon” in wiccan rites.
~ G ~
GABRIEL ARC – ANGEL OIL Element Water, signifying purification. Guardian of the West, fertility figure and the Lord of resurrection. Washes away sorrows with love, associated with Autumn and sunset. This oil can be used for scrying, trance work, hypnosis, regression, and to raise the consciousness to psychic planes
GAIA GODDESS OIL   Use for spells involving healing, regeneration, births, children, abundance, wealth, and fertility.
GALLINA NEGRA OIL For cleansings.
GAMBLERS OIL  Rub on Palms before games of chance, used to anoint lucky charms or wealth talismans.
GARDEN OF DELIGHT OIL with Jasmine Blossoms to strengthen the sexual chakra
GARDENIA OIL Used for Love and Peace rituals
GEBURAH OIL Discovering the mysteries of power and the use of Martian energies; purposeful change; awakening inner and outer strength
GEMINI ZODIAC OIL   Used by those born under this sign to enhance their traits
GET AWAY OIL Used to turn back evil spirits or unwelcome visitors. Sprinkle on doorstep to keep away unwanted visitors or to make enemies move.
GET A JOB OIL Wear when job hunting and place on applications for fast responses.
GET OUT OF JAIL OIL Use to help reduce ones sentence or help get parole.
GIFT OF GIVING OIL Use to aid in giving positive energies to others. Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
GLOW OF ATTRACTION OIL Gives you personal magnetism to attract a mate. Also to stand out in a crowd.
GLOW OF HEALTH OIL Electromagnetic oil designed to enhance bodies own healing energies and maintain health under stressful mental / nervous situations. Use as a body perfume oil 1 drop behind each ear and on each wrist.
GO AWAY OIL Used to get rid of unwelcome visitors to your home.
GOD FIRE OIL Male power potion.
GODDESS OIL  For women who want respect and admiration.
GODDESS BLESSING OIL a celebration of Gaia… Anoint sacred baskets and freshen potpourris
GODDESS OF EVIL OIL    For protection and add to any Dume or hexing spells for more power
GODDESS OF LOVE OIL  To make men treat you with love and respect.
GOLDEN DAWN OIL Used by tarot card readers before an after meeting with a client
GOLD and SILVER OIL Entice fun and excitement into your home. Use with a Chango Macho Candle when trying to get a loan.
GOOD FORTUNE OIL Wear when seeking a raise or job or applying for a better position within your company.
GOOD LUCK MYSTIC OIL Use when you need good luck and don’t know where its going to come from
GOOD LUCK OIL An all around and all purpose luck drawing oil for love, money and success.
GOOD LUCK SPIRITUAL OIL Used by readers gives them comfortable vibrations in their workrooms
GOOD TIME OIL Allay apprehension about the success of an event.
GOOFERS DUST OIL Throw on enemies yard to cause them bad luck
GOONA GOONA OIL Brings peace and tranquility to your home.  Creates a state of calmness and peace.
GRAVEYARD OIL Very ancient. Write money desired on parchment slip & put in small red bag along with some wormwood herb. Anoint with ten drops of oil to start and then one drop of oil each time before you gamble. Keep pouch in inside pocket.
GRAVEYARD DIRT OIL Use in witchcraft spells and hexing spells
GREAT RITE OIL Used in wiccan ceremonies when performing the Great Rite
GREEN OIL Mix with money recipes for faster results
GRIS GRIS OIL Helps you to contact spirits.
GROWING MOON OIL For Petitioning the Love Goddess, Taking advantage of opportunities, Increasing creativity, Reducing temper.
GUARDIAN ANGEL OIL For help with any difficulty. Also to invoke the aid of your guardian to watch over and protect you.
GYPSY GOLD OIL Used by gypsies to attract good fortune
GYPSY LOVE OIL Used when seeking a wealthy companion
H.B. LOVE OIL This oil is powerful in family, work or marital related situations, where you want to create and maintain a loving environment or draw love and/or friendship.
H & H OIL Used for a potent hexing oil.
HAITIAN GAMBLER OIL Use to banish a streak of even the worst luck.
HAITIAN LOVER OIL  This oil is known to be a stronger attraction blend worn by men on “the prowl”. It is also said to enhance sexual vigor.
HAITIAN VOODOO OIL Use to cross an enemy
HANDFASTING OIL Used at a wiccan Hand fasting (wedding) ceremony for the joining of two people, as to become one
HAPPINESS OIL Surround yourself with cheerfulness and pleasure.
HAPPY HOME OIL Fills your home with happiness, love and harmony when sprinkled about.
HAPPY MARRIAGE OIL Helps to calm and solve minor marriage problems.
HAPPY TIMES OIL Used to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.
HARE MOON OIL For high level Creative energy, Contacting faeries and supernatural beings, increase connection with spirit / animal guides.
HARVEST MOON OIL For rest and organization… Clean Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual clutter.
HAS NO HANNA OIL Keep loved ones close to you always. Also used to prevent poverty.
MOON OIL For Peace, Meditation on Goals, Divination, Dream work, Making preparations for the future.
HEALING OIL Use in healing, health, and longevity rituals and spells.
HEALTH OIL Used in candle magic, talismanic magic, or anything pertinent to healing rites.
HEALTH DRAWING OIL Help for those who are ill.
HEALTH and WEALTH OIL Use so that you will have good health and money.
HEART’S DESIRE OIL Entice other to assist you in gaining your desires.
HEATHER OIL Use when you want your family to like you
HEBREW OIL Protection from enemies and shows the way to a better life.
HECATE OIL   Useful in spells involving beginnings, endings, enchantments, unhexing, karma, choices, divination, guidance, and wisdom.
HEKA OIL Use on job or place of employment to bring peace and to make people leave you alone
HELIOTROPE  OIL Use for healing and wealth
HELL DEVIL OIL Use to place hex or cause extreme pain to your enemy
HELPING HAND OIL Used for assistance in legal matters. Used to overcome financial problems with Spiritual forces.
HEMATITE GEMSTONE OIL For healing, grounding, divination,  Practicality, Materialistic Concerns
HEMLOCK OIL Used to influence and control others.
HERA OIL  This oil balances emotional and physical excesses such as resentment, jealousy, overeating and alcohol and drug addictions.
HERB OIL Use as a health restoring and to improve the memory
HERMES GOD OIL Negotiation, diplomacy, balance, communication, and memory
HESTIA GODDESS OIL Service, focus, discipline, modesty, tranquility, humility, and acceptance.
HETEP OIL Use for your success
HEX BANE OIL Use for making people go faraway and for problems to go away.
HEX BREAKING OIL Used to remove any curse placed upon you and to avoid hexing against you..
HEX BREAKER OIL Used to remove hexes placed upon you
HEXING OIL Used to influence others to grant favors and do you bidding. Makes enemies beg for forgiveness. Also causes misery and bad luck to those you target.
HIGH ALTAR OIL Used to invite benevolent spirits into your surroundings. It cleanses and protects. It draws the spirits closer, so they will aid you in your workings.
HIGH CONQUERING OIL Sprinkle oil in Bath and bathe daily for 7 days. Said to change bad luck to good. Use oil on letters /applications. Sprinkle over doorways and windows. For success in arguments, battles or court.
HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR OIL Traditionally used to win court proceedings and any battles or conflicts (neighbors, relatives, police).
HIGH SPIRIT OIL Powerful Jamaican oil used to attract good spiritual forces. Anoint white candles and wear to attract spiritual guidance and help.
HINDU GRASS OIL For cleaning out old messes and cutting ties to past events or people.
HINDU OIL Secret good luck mixture from India.  Hard to find.
HOD / YOD OIL Discovering the mysteries of information systems and learning energies; truthfulness; greater ability to communicate clearly
HOLD MY MAN OIL Used for the woman who has doubts about the fidelity of her man. This will entice him back and to improve the attention of lovers.
HOLD YOUR MONEY OIL Rubbed on wallet or purse so your money will go a long way.
HOLINESS OIL Increase clairvoyant powers
HOLY OIL Used for blessing candles, altars, talismans and amulets.
HOLY GRAIL OIL Has the power to activate the astral body and to help you manifest high Consciousness. To connect you with the miraculous healing energy of the Holy Grail..
HOLY HERB OIL Used for protection and healing powers.
HOLY SPIRIT OIL Increases clairvoyant powers
HOLY TRINITY OIL Used for consecrating implements and anointing crucifixes.
HONEY OIL Used to keep your lover submissive.
HONEYSUCKLE OIL Used to make Psychic Powers stronger and to gain wealth
HORN OF PLENTY OIL For great wealth, prosperity, esteem and tranquility.
HORNED GOD OIL  Used by men when calling upon the pagan deity The Horned God
HORUS OIL  Used when working with the Egyptian God
HOT FOOT OIL Many claim this has helped to drive unwanted persons from their lives. Also to get rid of neighbors and minor hexing. Sprinkle in the path of those you want to leave fast.
HOUSE BLESSINGS OIL Used in dressing homes for family happiness, health and prosperity.
HOUSE CLEANSING OIL  Used with a black candle to cleanse a new house and pre-owned car of negativity left by the previous owners.  Also added to mop buckets when cleaning
HOUSE DRESSING OIL Use inside and outside the house to bring happiness and peace
HUMMINGBIRD OIL Rub this on your man and he will not escape your advances. Used in Love work, for reconciliation of lovers and to reunite lost love
HYACINTH OIL Attract and enhance male homosexual love.  Also used for all Love and/or happiness spells
HYGEIA OIL Hygeia was the daughter of Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine and represents prevention, sanitation, nutrition and healthy living
HYSSOP OIL Used for Purification rituals
~ I ~
I CAN, YOU CAN’T OIL Alleged to hold another person back so that you can get ahead.
ICE MOON OIL For Peace, Purification, Personal Growth, Healing, Loving oneself, Great for making future plans.
I DOMINATE/COMMAND MY MAN OIL Used in attempts to gain complete mental control of a male lover or mate.
I DOMINATE/COMMAND MY WOMAN OIL  Used in attempts to gain complete mental control of a female lover or mate.
IMPOSSIBLE OBJECTIVE OIL Use this with a definite purpose in mind, use this oil and anything is possible.  Success can be assured.
INCENTIVE OIL Used to spark decision making to success, to take charge of your life.
INDIAN BOUQUET OIL Stops fighting in a marriage and brings peace between couples
INDIAN GUIDE OIL Use this to draw a guide for protection and assistance. Use when seeking guidance from the Indian gods. They will help guide you on the right path
INDIAN OIL Use for change in luck.
INFLAMMATORY OIL To cause people to misunderstand one another so much that they quarrel and fight. Incite turmoil, stress and ill among those around this scent. Break up lovers.
INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION OIL Used to cause great confusion and hysteria to your enemies.
INFLUENCE OIL Worn by those who seek to influence the thoughts or actions of others. Use this when presenting your point of view, when asking for a raise, requesting a favor or convincing others.
INITIATION OIL This oil is used by many traditions for initiatory purposes, incense to set the correct vibrations and the oil for anointing
INNANA OIL Used when working with this Sumerian goddess
INNER PEACE OIL Used when dealing with stressful situations.
INSPIRATION OIL Clove to promote positive thought forms
INSPIRING OIL Use to build confidence in yourself and other people use when feeling blue
INSTIGATION OIL A wonderful blend designed to make others initiate new projects. Adds to their creativity and helps them accomplish difficult endeavors
INTERVIEW OIL  Said to create harmony with interviewer and surroundings.
IN TRANQUILITY OIL To cause someone to suffer from troubled sleep, a restless mind and wandering feet.
INTRANQUILLO OIL To make ex lovers restless and want to come back to you (heh).
INTERVIEW OIL Wear to make a favorable impression during interviews.
INVISIBLE OIL Quieting, lulling aroma that will not attract attention.
IRIS OIL Helps increase determination and will power (helps to break a bad habit)
IRRESISTIBLE OIL Makes you attractive and beguiling to all that you meet.
ISHTAR OIL  Use for discovering other people secrets make them tell you the truth.
ISIS OIL  This oil can effectively be used for love, relationships, wisdom, power, fertility, beauty, healing, and protection and it fortifies at every level.
~ J ~
JACKPOT OIL Good for bingo, lottery and race tracks.
JALOP OIL Protection from spiritual hexing prevents spirits from getting to you while you sleep
JAMAICAN BUSH OIL Very good for casino luck.
JASMINE OIL Very good for Spirituality, Love, Money and Prophetic Dreams.
JEALOUSLY OIL Protect your self from people who are jealous of you
JERUSALEM OIL Bring blessings upon your home. Use to protect infants and small children
JESUS MALVERDE OIL Used to bring blessings and happiness into a home.
JEWEL OF THE EAST Brings success in Business. Brings strength to relationships, a love affair into Marriage. Add to bathwater to be more attractive to your lover. Evokes the Djin to aid in rituals involving the Element of Fire.
JEZEBEL OIL   Used in the curse of Jezebel; also used by prostitutes to attract wealthy customers.This oil is specifically designed to be used or worn by a woman trying to attract a man. Men will become bewitched when they catch the scent of this beautiful floral creation.
JINX BLACK OIL Used to cause harm to your enemies.  Use with caution!
JINX KILLER OIL Believed to break jinxes, curses, crossing or hexing. If you think you are jinxed ~ use this to kill the spell and bring forth good luck.
JINX REMOVING INSIDE OIL For protection inside the house remove evil from the inside.
JINX REMOVING OIL For those in a crossed condition, rub on temples until condition has improved. Also use to remove a jinx put on you and removes evil spirits too.
JINX OIL Said to help one person put a jinx on another. Protect from the evil intentions of those who wish to damage  your property or harm you.
JOB OIL Help find or keep a job. Also to improve business.
JOB BREAKER OIL Use when you want someone to loose their job, sprinkle the oil around their work area.
JOCKEY CLUB OIL For good results when letters are written and sent, or for uncrossing.
JOHN THE CONQUEROR OIL Brings the user victory over all odds.
JOY OIL Brings out the best in you. Great for the depressed or lonely.
JUDGE BE FOR ME OIL Turn things in you favor.
JU JU OIL Wear as protection and very enticing and seductive
JUA JUA OIL Use to punish people who have done wrong to you
JUNIPER OIL Love and Protection
JUPI OIL Use as mild punishment for people who have done wrong to you
JUPITER DEITY OIL Creator, patriarchal father, leadership, power & authority
JUPITER PLANETARY OIL   Use this oil for the representation of Jupiter Energy. This oil is excellent for promoting spirituality, meditation, drawing money and increasing prosperity, and powerful at helping to settle legal matters.
JURY WINNING OIL When having to face a jury, use oil to win.
JUST JUDGE (JUSTO JUEZ ) OIL Wear when mercy is needed to tip the scales in your favor. For victory in court cases and when wrongfully accused.
JUSTICE OIL Used for all justice in all matters.
JYOTI OIL For financial gain also very good for business protection
~ K ~
KABALA OIL Use to talk to the spirits.  For solitary meditation and mystical practice.
KEEP AWAY ENEMIES OIL Keeps your enemies away far away.
KEEP AWAY EVIL OIL  Free home of sinister forces.
KEEP AWAY SPIRITS OIL Use to keep away spirits and remove them from your home.
KEEP AWAY TROUBLE OIL Clear your premises of adversity. Also used to keep away troublesome people and the wrong crowd.
KERNUNOS OIL  Used to draw powers of Celtic Stag God
KETHER OIL Discovering the mysteries of unity and union; the inner quest, spiritual energy and the revelation of divine inspiration
KHUS KHUS OIL Makes you irresistible in sexual matters and good for sales in business
KINDLY SPIRITS OIL Use when you are feeling lonely and you need a friend
KING OIL Used only by men. Producer of passion, attracts both love & success
KING MIDAS OIL Rub some oil on your wallet every morning to draw money to you.
KING OF THE WOODS OIL Used by men. A sexual domination formula
KING SOLOMON WISDOM OIL Commune with the infinite and gain wisdom and power. Use for domination. Used to dominate men and keep them from wandering off and fooling around
KISS ME NOW OIL Said to very rapidly bring about a sexual affair.
KNOWLEDGE OIL To understand and put to use all that you see or hear.
KORE OIL Use by people who want to have lots of sexual encounters
KUNDALINI OIL Used when meditating with this chakra
KWAN (KUAN) YIN GODDESS OIL  This oil is used for wisdom, compassion, mercy, devotion, friendship, love, overcoming difficulties, and banishing fears. This oil blend is uplifting for the depressed and soothes traumas and issues of the heart.
KYOTO OIL For one desiring change of luck
KYPHI OIL The Cypriot Goddess of Love. Use for attracting a love partner.
~ L ~
LA FLAMME OIL Women wear this seductive scent when attempting to ensnare an unwilling man.
LA MADAMA OIL Use for any workings with the spirit of La Madama.
LA MILAGROSA OIL Very powerful to make all your wishes come true.
LA SANTISIMA MUERTE OIL To bring back a lover, use with a candle of the same name.
LADY LUCK OIL Popular with gamblers and those who take serious risks in life. For good fortune to smile on your cards, numbers or horse, be sure the money you wager is rubbed with this oil before placing the bet.
LAKSHMI OIL Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu in the Hindu religion and their Goddess of Good Fortune and Wealth.  This oil affirms abundance in every home and protects from negative energy.  Lakshmi Prosperity Oils:  Cinnamon, Basil, Vetivert.
LAPIS LAZULI GEMSTONE OIL Used for psychism, joy, love, fidelity, healing.  Throat Chakra, Expression, Communication, Soothing, Love, Peace
LAVENDER OIL Healing, Peace, Love and Relaxation, Protection, sleep, chastity, happiness, purification, longevity
LAVENDER LOVE DROPS OIL Used to attract a lover of the same sex.
LAVENDER WATER Attracts high spiritual vibrations conducive to magick, divination and healing work. Use as a floor wash, add to baths or wash water.
LAW KEEP AWAY OIL Used by people who wish to conduct their business in private.
LAW STAY AWAY OIL Use when you do not want your home or car inspected by police.
LEMON OIL Used for people wanting Love, Friendship and Purification
LEO ZODIAC OIL  Use for Trust in yourself and experience a new found Optimism in Life. The Independent Freedom of your own Strength. Be Proud of your Life! Also good luck for those born under the sign of Leo.
LIBRA ZODIAC OIL Use for appreciation of the beauty that is all about you. To have a Fair and Just outcome in your life.
LILAC  OIL Used for all kinds of protection spells
LILY OIL Used for all kinds of protection spells
LODESTONE OIL  It’s live magnetism is alleged to draw love, luck and money to you. Should contain genuine Lodestones.
LOKI OIL Known as the flame. Luck, energy, sex, rebirth, destruction, fire, and new beginnings.
LOOK ME OVER OIL Used in glamour spells to attract attention, particularly from men.
LOST AND AWAY OIL Said to be one of the most powerful to rid yourself of someone you don’t want around
LOTS OF LOVE OIL Used when you want someone to love you not no one else has.
LOTTERY OIL Good fortune, money drawing and gambling luck are combined elements in this oil.
LOTUS OIL It is believed that the woman who uses this has her way with any man as it is impossible for him to refuse her request.  Also used for spirituality, protection and healing.
LOVE BREAKER OIL Use it to break up another’s marriage or affairs and should be applied to the clothing of both  person’s involved. Be careful! Don’t get it on your hands or clothes.
LOVE DRAWING OIL Use if the attraction of a particular person is the object of your spell.
LOVE DROPS Use to make the one you love want to be ever near you. Adds spice to a relationship.
LOVE ME OIL Said to draw passionate love from a specific party of the opposite sex. Entice the reluctant object of  your affections by wearing this fragrance as a perfume and secretly applying a drop of the same oil to the loved one’s clothing or body.
LOVE OIL Readies the opposite sex for physical love
LOVE POTION #9 OIL The most powerful attraction oil ever made.
LOVERS OIL    Use this reputed soul-twinning oil to anoint dolls / images / candles in love spells and later, out of the circle, as a day perfume to reinforce the magick in long-term relationships. .
LUCIFER OIL Said to bring aches and pains to the part of the body to which it is applied. Strong! Use sparingly.
LUCK AROUND BUSINESS OIL Draws customers to a business and makes them spend their money
LUCK IN A HURRY OIL When Lady Luck seems to have moved out, entice her back quickly with this oil.
LUCKY BUDDHA OIL To attract luck and wealth through the help of Hotei, “the Laughing Buddha.”  Use for prosperity.
LUCKY BUSINESS OIL Brings success and luck to your business.
LUCKY DOG OIL Believed by gamblers to attract favorable vibrations.
LUCKY GAMBLER OIL with Cinquefoil to enhance endeavors that involve chance
LUCKY LODESTONE OIL Excellent oil for developing good fortune and changing bad luck to good. Use to anoint lodestones for luck.
LUCKY MYSTIC OIL Used by Spiritualist when they are telling the future.
LUCKY NINE OIL Rub forehead with 3 drops of oil. Said to dispel depression and bring good vibrations and luck in life to any enterprise or wish. Anoint green candle with six drops of oil and burn for an hour before going out to bet.
LUCKY 13 OIL Uses bad and unlucky conditions to generate good and lucky conditions. Should eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive aspects of your life.
LUCKY HAND OIL A popular hand rub with gamblers, who say it brings in the winnings.
LUCKY MOJO OIL An all purpose lucky dressing oil. Also used to anoint mojo or charm bags for luck.
LUCKY PLANET OIL Mix with your Zodiac sign for extra powerful good luck mixture.
LUCKY SEVEN OIL Use to attract good fortune every day.
LUCKY SPIRIT OIL Good for a reversing curse.
LUST OIL Sexual energy and emotion. Add a little fire to your love life.
LUV LUV LUV OIL Specially formulated to attract to the one who wears this, one who is already involved or attached to another. To create a stronger bond between two people. Use also to have a happy romance or bring back a lover.
LYANG LYANG OIL Formulated to make the wearer irresistible.
MAA ISA OIL Mix with come to me oil to draw back a lover that moved to another city
MAD OIL Cause tension, hard feelings, anxiety and stress to those who enter the premises.
MAGICK OIL Use this when all else has failed. Provides remedies or answers to problems.
MAGICKAL POWER OIL Added power, strength, and energy for all spells and rituals!
MAGICK CARPET OIL A very strong blend when using for astral projection.
MAGNET OIL The uses of this oil are many and varied, anoint any kind of charm or Mojo bag to strengthen its power. Anoint dedicated candles or wear on the skin to draw people or desirable conditions. Add to your mojo or root bags to make them work faster.
MAGNETIC OIL  For general application (to draw luck, customers, wealth, friends, love)
MAGNOLIA OIL Use to aid in psychic development, Fidelity
MAIDEN’S RUIN OIL This is a New Orleans’ twist on a Classic Old world Oil created for a man to attract/seduce a woman. It is masculine, earthy and very powerful.
MAKE YOUR WISH OIL Use with a 7 knob candle.
MALACHITE GEMSTONE OIL For business success, power, protection.
MALKUTH OIL Discovering the truth of the physical universe; the ability to discriminate; physical healing, and overcoming sloth
MAN TRAP OIL For those searching for the man of their dreams.
MANDRAKE OIL Use with incense or candles to give them added powers of protection. Used to impart a flavor of masculine attractiveness and fecundity, highly sexual. Very powerful Hexing formula.
MARIE LAVEAU OIL Use for all kinds of workings with the spirit of Marie LaVeau.
MAR’S GOD OIL Mar has long been regarded as the God of War because of the excellent protective qualities. This lively blend is good for promoting courage and aggression while increasing physical strength and sexual energy. Good for healing after a surgery, politics and even exorcism. Excellent for protection and defensive magic.
MARRIAGE OIL To convince a lover to tie the nuptial knot.
MARS DEITY OIL Attack, warfare, challenge and conflict
MARS PLANETARY OIL  Use for Sexual and physical energy, protection, courage. Adds to the energy and passion in men. Use this oil for the representation of Mars Energy. Promotes aggression, healing after surgery, physical strength, politics, sexual energy, exorcism, and all forms of defensive magic.
MASTER OIL Said to powerfully aid one’s ability to control situations and people. Keep evil away, attract friends and get a job.
MASTER KEY OIL Used by those who are seeking occult and spiritual mastery. Benefits health, fortune and success.
MATER ORIENTAL OIL Use to change bad luck into good luck.
MEAD MOON OIL For Reinforcement of personal positive traits, Good for making decisions, work on personal inconsistencies.
MEDITATION OIL Wear to aid meditation. Also use while praying or doing psychic work. Especially good for psychic endeavors. A strong spirit attractant & will tend to add success to any ritual.
MEMORY OIL Aides in remembering.
MEMORY DROP OIL Improves mental processes, helps students and aids in remembering.
MENTAL HEALING OIL Promotes good mental health, sooths our minds during stressful times.
MERCURY DEITY OIL Communication, speech, balance, negotiation, and messages
MERCURY PLANETARY OIL Use for Eloquence, self-improvement, mind, study. Spiritual attunement, sending messages, communication with others. Gain answers to questions and foresee the future. Use this oil for the representation of Mercury Energy. This oil is excellent for promoting intelligence, eloquence, divination, study, communication, and wisdom, while helping greatly in overcoming addictions and breaking negative habits.
MERMAID SONG OIL Use Mermaid Song as an anointing oil along with Dolphin Dreamtime Incense when doing meditations. Wear it to honor the West, Yemaya and Goddesses of the Sea
MEXICAN LUCK OIL Used for attraction of fame, fortune and love.
MICHAEL ARC – ANGEL OIL Element Fire, signifying inspiration. Guardian of the South, shows the power of light over darkness. He is the curer of diseases arising from the imbalance of natural forces. Master of the mysteries of light. Associated with Summer and high noon. Powerful and protective oil
MIDNIGHT OIL Wonderful Love oil, can be used to produce prophetic dreams.
MIMOSA OIL Brings dreams which reveal coming events. Use when faced with perplexing situations.
MIMOSA MAGICK OIL Use when making complicated decisions that have far reaching effects
MIND BENDER OIL Gain the cooperation or assistance of someone. Changes their mind or opinion.
MINOAN OIL Use as a very holy mixture and to keep a lover faithful
MINT BOUQUET OIL Helps remove spirits of ghost from your home
MIRACLE OIL When your situation is a heavy burden, this will give you new strength and determination.
MISTLETOE OIL For good business and attracting customers.
MOJO WISHING OIL When you need a special favor or wish to come true quickly.
MONKS HOOD OIL Witches oil for use in magical rituals and love spells. Do not wear on the skin and do not wear on the skin.
MONEY ATTRACTION OIL Wear as a perfume and rub on bankbook or wallet.
MONEY DRAWING OIL   Use in any ritual to bring money into the home. The oil can be used to anoint green candles in candle magic or the powder sprinkled in the cash register to attract money into the business
MONEY HOUSE BLESSING OIL To bring money and happiness into the family and home.
MONEY MIST OIL Used to attract money and protect the cash you have.
MONEY OIL Use to draw money to oneself.
MONTSEURRAT OIL To keep pregnant healthy and to have healthy babies
MOON MAGICK OIL Use to draw power from the moon
MOON PLANETARY OIL For healing, sleep, fertility, love, moon rituals and to attune to all energies of the moon. Control of emotions. Good for creativity and inspiration. Use this oil for the representation of Moon Energy. This oil is excellent for psychic awareness, gardening, peace, compassion, spirituality and dreams.
MOONSTONE GEM OIL Love, Divination, Psychism, Sleep, Protection, Moon Goddesses
MORPHIA OIL Rich and earthy, laced with sensuality. Use it to inspire dreams of pleasure
MORRIGAN GODDESS OIL This oil blend can be used in spells for magickal power, protection, intervention, drawing faery folk, and Shapeshifting.
MOSES OIL A spiritual oil used to dress seals.
MOSS ROSE OIL For men to draw love.
MOUNT OIL To increase physical strength and vitality
MOVING OIL Use this to make a trouble making neighbor move away. Also used in minor hexing.
MOVING IN OIL Use when purchasing a new home or apartment to cleanse before moving in.
MOVING OUT OIL Used when you want an unwanted visitor to leave the house. Sprinkle where they are sure to touch.
MULLEIN OIL To remove all evil and bring good luck and protection
MUMMY OIL Catch a spirit and prevent it from harming you.
MUSK LOVE OIL Known to be very sexually powered arouses ones passion
MY DESIRE OIL Use this to help a secret desire come true.
MYRRH  OIL Used for Spirituality and Protection spells
MYSTIC OIL Use to increase your Mystic vibrations.
MYSTIC RITES OIL Aids in understanding mysteries which seem beyond human comprehension.
MYSTIC RITUAL OIL Use for protection from psychic bombardment
~ N ~
NAG CHAMPA OIL For all around luck and protection.
NARCISSUS OIL For Love, Fertility and Luck
NATURE OIL Said to increase the user’s sexual vitality. Gives energy and vigor to fulfill the need of any sexual situation. To help nature take it’s course.
NECRONOMICON OIL Necronomicon oil is required for operation of the Book of Dead Names and often used for rites of invocation of the chthonic entities. A most unusual formula and an excellent oil for necromancy and Ouija use.
NEFERTITI OIL Famous Egyptian goddess that was used to dominate her lover or husband use for dominating
NEPENTHE OIL Use for peaceful dreams.
NEPHRYS GODDESS OIL Goddess of the underground, with Isis she made up the two divine ladies representing Life & Death
NEPTUNE DEITY OIL Emotion, feelings, compassion, and intuition
NEPTUNE PLANETARY OIL   Calms passions and rage.
NETRA OIL Use for uncrossing.
NETZACH OIL Discovering the mystery of loving, sexuality, and Venusians energies; unselfishness; increasing artistic creativity
NEVER FORGET ME OIL Use so your mate will have you on his mind always.
NEW LIFE OIL Use when you want to start all over and on the right foot.
NEW MONEY DROPS OIL Make your cash grow steadily and never go broke.
NEW ORLEANS OIL Voodoo oil for attracting love, money and good fortune.
NIGHT QUEEN OIL Use for peace and tranquility.
NILE OIL Used to Love and Peace in your life
NINE AFRICAN POWERS OIL Use for protection from witchcraft, jinxing and evil. Should bounce right off you.
NINE MYSTERY OIL Used to gain secret knowledge or locate a lost item. To make someone speak the truth aloud
NINO FIDENCIO OIL Named after a very powerful healer.  Used to cure sick people and dispel evil spirits.
NIRVANA OIL Used by healers to help them foretell the future or to communicate with the dead
NO HEX OIL Use to help remove any kind of hex that has been placed on you
NORTH OIL Attracts elementals such as gnomes from the north.
NUIT GODDESS OIL Goddess of the Stars, help when lost or confused.
NUTMEG OIL Is said to influence dream activity, dreams become more real and intense.
NYMPH OIL Worn by women to attract men. WARNING ~ this oil is nondiscriminatory it can attract every male!
~ O ~
OBATALA PEACE OIL In Santeria he is know for protection of children, associated with the saints Joseph and James. Very protective against evil spirits.
OBEAH OIL   A powerful African oil used to bless churches and voodoo prayer rooms. Protects against evil in all forms. Use to anoint white candles or use in a bath to cover yourself with its protective essence. Doom and cause misery to your enemies
OBITSU OIL Mix with any crossing or hexing spell to increase its power
OCEAN WIND OIL Used to clear the mind and settle the spirit.
OCHUN LOVE OIL the goddess of love,  money and indeed of happiness. Use for all things positive in your life.
ODIN OIL Creativity, divination, poetry, power, rune magic and hidden secrets
OGUN REVERSING OIL He ensures employment for his followers and protects them from criminals.
OPIUM OIL Used to aid in dreams and visions.
ORACLE OIL Used to help you see auras surrounding other people
ORANGE OIL Makes lover propose marriage. And makes marriages more probable
ORIENTAL OIL For serenity and peace.
ORISHA ELEGBA OIL Orisha Elegba creates opportunity, teaches through tricks, and enforces divine justice. Elegba is the master linguist, capable of translating the languages of men and nature
ORISHA OBATALA OIL Orisha Obatala imparts consciousness to all things and is associated with the qualities of mercy, wisdom, calmness, good character and purity.
ORISHA OCHOSI OIL Orisha Ochosi tracks the path of spiritual growth. Ochosi is the protector of the environment, hunter of herbs, food and water. Ochosi is associated with protection and justice
ORISHA OGUN OIL Orisha Ogun removes obstacles, both internal and external. Ogun is associated with tools, technology, truth, oaths, fairness and the resolution of disputes.
ORISHA OSHUN OIL  Orisha Oshun is the spirit of the erotic, of fertility, love, creative passion, art, beauty, magic and the power of attraction.
ORISHA OYA OIL Orisha Oya, Mother of the Ancestors, is the spirit of change and the unexpected, patron of the marketplace, warrior and guardian of women
ORISHA SHANGO OIL Orisha Shango inspires passion for the purpose of spiritual transformation and the courage to overcome fears.
ORISHA YEMAJA OIL Orisha Yemaja is the primal source of female energy, birth, nurturing, regeneration, healing and evolution
ORRIS OIL Used as a powerful home protector, Love and Divination
ORUNLA DREAM OIL This oil is used for prophetic dreaming ~ the Orisha of divination, wisdom and knowledge.
OSIRIS GOD OIL Rebirth, power, new beginnings, peace, compassion, understanding, and energy. Used to dominate women and to arouse their sexual fantasies
~ P ~
PAN OIL  Oil evokes energies and atmosphere of Pan.
PANTHEON OIL Bring out the Satyr in you. Highly sexual, the scent of dancing in a night wood. Sure to please the lover in your life.
PAPYRUS OIL Use with all legal papers court papers brings success to you
PARADISE OIL Anoint you and your partner to achieve ecstasy together.
PARTING OIL Make your partner be loose with his money.
PASSION OIL Potent love oil that heightens passions. This is the female’s equivalent of the Satyr Oil below. Each essential oil in this blend is chosen for its aphrodisiac effects on men. Use with caution and be prepared for the attention.
PATCHOULI OIL Used for prosperity and sex work.  Helps with Love, Lust, Money, mastery, compromise and Fertility
PAX OIL Used to mellow most chaotic conditions at work
PAY ME OIL Burned on candles when attempting to get back money that is owed.
PEACE OIL When nervous or upset, stand in front of a mirror, look into your own eyes and anoint temples, neck and wrists, breathe and feel the tension fade away.
PEACE and PROTECTION OIL Use to surround yourself with peace and protection all the time
PEACEFUL HOME OIL  Sprinkle oil around home. Said to lessen tension and resolve arguments. Anoint over heart with 4 drops oil to ease stressed friendships by tradition. Put 4 drops oil in pockets to reinstate friendships or relations. Anoint his/her favorite chair with 4 drops oil. Anoint any object which causes conflict with 4 drops oil. Used to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.
PEDRO JARAMILLO OIL Use for healing the sick.
PENTATRUCK OIL From New Orleans rub on thighs to make Mama Hot remove jinx from your nature.
PEPPERMINT OIL Healing and Luck
PERSEPHONE OIL The daughter of Demeter, Persephone was forcibly taken to the Underworld each year for four months and then returned to Earth for the radiance of Spring. She endured her difficult life with a calm steadiness. This oil brings relaxation and is good for insomnia, anxiety and stress.  Persephone Calming Oils:  Lavender, Chamomile (Roman), Marjoram.
PISCES ZODIAC OIL  The Subtle Art of Tolerance. Use for calm Patience in accepting the things that cannot be changed. Allow the Fantasy of better times to come to uphold you. Develop your clairvoyant abilities by wearing this when attempting to contact the spirits or read minds.
PINE OIL For Money and wealth. Purification of mind & body. Healing of the aura and banishing of negative energies
PLUTO PLANETARY OIL  Enlist the protection of the souls of your dear departed ones.
POPPY OIL Pleasure, heightened awareness, opening hidden worlds
POSEIDON GOD OIL Intuition, emotion, and compassion
POWER OIL Believed to increase your personal strength and spiritual power. To overcome another’s power over you or increase your own. Anoint charms, talismans, candles etc. Said to attract great amounts of power. Wear as a perfume to increase personal power and overcome timidity.
PRAYER OIL In times of stress, this soothes the nerves so a petition can be made in a serene manner.
PRAYING OIL Use this so your prayers will be heard and answered
PROMOTION OIL Advance your career by applying yourself energetically to your work.
PROPERTY SELLING OIL  Anoint advertisment forms, realtor's sale leaflets, sale board, doorway or objects aside from property to be sold.
PROPHETIC VISIONS OIL Anoint third eye and pulses at neck to bring or increase prophetic visions and dreams. For prophetic dreams, anoint before bedtime; will help your with your prophetic dreams and to remember them upon waking.
PROSPERITY OIL Use to attract abundance, money, riches. Use for luck in business deals, gambling, financial matters and for a raise to bring you satisfaction.
PROTECTION FROM ENVY OIL Protects you from envious people.
PROTECTION and LOVE OIL Use for protection concerning love affairs
PROTECTION FROM HARM OIL provides security from all injury, violence or malicious mischief.
PROTECTION OIL Traditional use 5 drops oil daily and pray for physical and psychical protection against enemies and ill-luck. Shake oil in shoes / carpet. Guards against jinxes, curses and the evil eye.
PSYCHIC POWERS OIL  Use to increase divination and clairvoyant powers. Also good for enhancing “natural” psychic powers. Anoint a candle when taking part in these activities.
PSYCHIC VISION OIL Anoint 3rd eye using oil. Bathe prior to rites or psychic experiments and anoint 3rd eye with oil before & during rites.  Increase your psychic powers; Use before and during any work with runes, tarot cards, scrying, crystal balls, etc…
PSYCHON OIL When spiritual power is desired from the outer world use this for 13 days
PURIFICATION OIL This is a good cleansing oil. Use for consecrating new altar tools or for purification and banishing spells.
PURIFYING OIL Oil said to purify Aura of negative influences. Ten drops in bucket of water used to clean temples, rooms, property. 5 drops in bath said to refresh aura and to dispel evil.
PURPLE WILLOW OIL Used to increase your powers.
~ Q ~
“Q” OIL Used by men to find passion and love. Wear when you wish to arouse sensuous thoughts or desires in another. A highly stimulating oil. Used to entice anyone you deeply desire. Impossible to resist.
QABAL OIL Used to open up spiritual contact and telepathic communications
QUEEN OIL   Used only by women. Producer of passion, attracts both love & success. Used by drag queens or the ones that want to be to attract love and good fortune.
QUEEN OF HEAVEN OIL This evokes the lunar qualities and psychic abilities. Excellent for anointing white Moon candles and bed linens. Wear it for rites of the night.
QUEEN OF SHEBA OIL Entice friends, bewitch lovers and cause complete strangers to favor the wearer.
QUEEN OF TIBET OIL Used by those who want the most out of life.
QUICK JOB OIL Use when seeking employment wear this to find a job fast.
QUICK LUCK IN BINGO OIL Add to Bingo dabber so you will win at Bingo.
QUICK MONEY OIL Use to anoint money before spending it to ensure its return. Also wear and rub on hands, cash till and purse to increase cash flow.
QUIETING OIL Used when you are in over stressed conditions and you need peace and relaxation
~ R ~
RADIANT HEALTH OIL Try this to regain or maintain ones natural state of being sound in body, mind and spirit.
RAMA DREAM OIL Used for prophetic dreams and to improve psychic powers. Increase your ability to tell the future
RAIN OIL A cleansing oil that brings in the vibration of a refreshing spring shower.
RAISE THE DEAD OIL  Use when you are wanting someone to come back or yourself to return.
RAPHAEL ANGEL OIL Element Air, signifying life. Guardian of the East, patron of travel, inventions and roles. Raphael can help with learning, meditation and healing hurts. Associated with Spring and morning. Very powerful oil
RECONCILIATION OIL It is said that if two people sprinkle this on each other, they will fall in love all over again.
RED DRAGON OIL Used to protect your relationships and marriage from being hexed. Also brings luck to these areas of your life.
RED FAST LUCK OIL For success in any business transaction.
RED JASPER GEM OIL Root Chakra, Focus, Stability, Positively, Mental Processes, Grace
RED ROSE OIL Creates a strong bond of love between two people
RED OIL For lonely woman seeking companionship and a hot time.
REMOVING OIL To remove a spell that has been cast on or by you.
REPENTANT OIL When you have done something terribly wrong use to cleanse the soul
RESTLESS OIL To keep others in turmoil, to trouble their sleep and to disturb their minds.
RETURN TO ME OIL To bring a wandering friend or lover back into contact with you.
REVENGE OIL For exacting justice upon someone who has done you wrong or harm. Gain revenge on someone who has cast a spell to harm you.
REVERSAL OIL Used to turn a situation around
REVERSE EVIL OIL Send a hex back to your enemy or negative force send back.
REVERSIBLE OIL Used in sending jinxes and curses back to the one who sent them to you. When you are surrounded by complete chaos, this oil will break these forces.
RICHES OIL Used to anoint body daily to attract riches.
RISING FAME OIL Used often to attract success, prosperity and respect in any undertaking but especially the arts & media. Use to anoint candles prior to spells. Said to create that elusive success.
ROAD OPENER OIL To break old blockages and open the way for new opportunities. Keep the pathway to opportunity clean and inviting.  Use to change your luck when it seems to be running out.
ROOT OIL   Use with 21 root candle for uncrossing someone.
ROSARY OIL When you have violated any of the ten commandments use this
ROSE GERANIUM OIL Love, Fertility and Protection
ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION OIL To abolish fear and soothe a troubled mind. Dispels fear and protect from crossed conditions.
ROSE QUARTZ GEMSTONE OIL For attracting love, promoting peace, happiness, heart chakra, fidelity.
ROSE OIL Use to attract and bring more love into a relationship
ROSE WATER Attracts love and healing energies. Use as a floor wash or add to bath or wash water.
ROSEMARY WATER Removes negative energies (remedy for bat’s blood). A light spray of this water can be used over the body when a pre-ritual bath is not possible. Use as a floor wash or to clean tools and magical space.
ROSY CROSS OIL Students should use this to help them pass tests keeps their mind on studying
RUE OIL Rue Herb is used to draw money and love but it is also a very strong spell breaker and jinx remover
RUN DEVIL RUN OIL Said to drive the Devil and his imps away. Also prevents evil from entering your home.
RUSTIC SPIRITUALITY OIL Use for all of your general rituals, spells, and devotions. An excellent “old-time” spiritual blend to connect you to the God and Goddess.
~ S ~
SABBAT OIL Used as a general oil for all the Sabbats.
SABUT OIL Use when seeking a divorce or break up
SACRED ANOINTING OIL A superbly anointing oil for initiations, naming, hand fasting, degree elevations etc
SACRED AURA OIL Oil is worn to create a sacred aura for ritual work.
SACRED HEART OF JESUS OIL Use for peace and protection.
SAFE TRAVEL OIL For safety while on a journey and for a happy welcome home.
SAGA GODDESS OIL   The All Knowing goddess, goddess of history, sacred poetry, words of power, charms and wisdom
SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC OIL  Be Optimistic in all that you do. Use to develop a Positive outlook in your life. A feeling of Trust and Sincerity. Enjoy travel through Nature’s creation. Soothe your emotions so you do not speak sharply to others. Optimistic, visionary, lucky, intuitive, opportunist, unreliable, self righteous use oil to gain these qualities. Good Luck for those born under this sign.
ST. ALEX OIL Used for getting rid of someone. Keeps enemies at a distance.
ST. ANTHONY OIL For peace and blessings and locating lost or missing articles..
ST. BARBARA OIL Used for healing the body and soul. Also for conquering and dominating your enemies.
ST. CIPRIANO OIL Protects you from harm and defeats witchcraft.
ST. CHRISTOPHER OIL Protects you when driving.
ST. CLARA OIL Protects people from witchcraft or black magick.
ST. EDUGIVIS OIL Used to help aid the poor and helping to get people out of jail.
ST. EXPEDITUS OIL For when you need quick action on an urgent problem.
ST. FRANCIS OIL The lover of animals protect animals from being stolen
ST. HELEN OIL To bring back a lost love.
ST. IGNATIUS OIL Has been credited with countless wonders. Use for any request.
ST. IGNACIO DE LOYOLA OIL To ward off the devil. Use this oil on windowsills and doors of home.
ST. JOSEPH OIL For a good life and heavenly protection. Also aids in job search or selling a home or property.
ST. JUDE OIL Use this for extreme cases when all else has failed.
ST. LAZARUS OIL Used in healing the sick.
ST. LUCY OIL Saint for the eyes helps keep the law away as well
ST. MARTHA OIL She will provide you with the necessities of life. Also to bring back a lover or boyfriend.
ST. MARTIN CABALLERO Used to draw customers and money to a business.
ST. MARTIN DE PORRES OIL Helps with the poor and/or the needy.
ST. MICHAEL OIL Conquer obstacles in your path. Protects you from dangers of demons and enemies..
ST. PETER OIL For help with any problem
ST. RAYMOND OIL Used to stop gossip and slander against you.
SAGE OIL Used to help gain wisdom and for purification purposes
SAMADHI OIL Use when seeking help from a spirit guide
SAN CIPRIANO OIL Gain spiritual help, brings wandering lovers back, helps with legal problems.
SAN JACOBS OIL Use for attracting money, wealth and power.
SANCTUM REGNUM OIL Used when seeking a lost treasure.
SANDALWOOD OIL One of the three most powerful fragrances add to any spell for better results; including protection, purification and spirituality.
SATAN OIL Rather exclusive oil used sparingly (3 drops at a time) by Satanists as a body perfume oil to create obedience in others. Causes profoundly disturbing reaction in enemies.
SATAN BE GONE OIL Use for uncrossing when you suspect Satan’s forces have entered your premises.
SATURN DEITY OIL The passage of time, changes, turning of the tides
SATURN PLANETARY OIL  Destruction, karmic justice on another. Divination and wisdom. Gain success in business, impose your will on others, and protect yourself. Use this oil for the representation of Saturn Energy. This oil is excellent for increasing protection, purification, longevity, exorcism, vision, and more.
SATYR OIL Traditionally used to Sexually attract females. Another powerful aphrodisiac ~ very powerful. Satyr is NOT the same as RUTHVAH as some authorities claim but works similarly. Used by women to create a male earthy vibration. A sexual domination formula, can also be used by homosexual males. Stimulates passion of anyone that comes near you very good results
SCORPIO ZODIAC OIL  Deep within you are untapped resources. Use for a calming Inner Strength to gain your Bravery. Show Authority with No Fear when necessary. Allow your Intuitive perception to blossom. This scent will remind you to be less aggressive and domineering with others. Determined, self sufficient, self disciplined, secretive, seeker of truth, extreme, domineering, suspicious
SCRYING OIL Ancient formula said to aid trance and clairvoyance with magic mirror or Crystal.
SEAX OIL This mixture is the holiest of holy it should be used only to draw very important things or people your way
SECRET OF VENUS OIL Brings love, fortune, victory and chastity.
SEDUCTION OIL Increases seductive powers of eroticism and sensuality.
SEE ME NO MORE OIL Use to get someone away from you for good
SEKMET OIL Change, protection, safe journey’s. Used in the old days as a very effective tool against Black magic.
SELENE OIL  Superb oil sacred to the Greek Goddess Selene, patroness of Magicians, Witches and Shamans who was later developed into Hecate. Rub 9 drops of this oil onto your hands before any form of divination and see the results manifest! Use incense in lunar rites for added power and to obtain divine intervention / help in personal requests in all matters appertaining to creative pursuits. Initiated Ladies / witches may wear it as a body oil to empower themselves in positions of management.
SELL YOUR HOUSE (Vende tu Casa) OIL Use this oil to sell your home or property.
SENSUALITY OIL Increases your sexual and erotic feelings.
SEPARATING OIL Brings discord, conflict and descent between friends or lovers.
SEPARATION OIL To drive two people apart or allow you to depart from someone. Causes your emotions to detach thereby permitting you to part without stress.
SERPENT’S TEARS Write the name of the person you wish to bind on a piece of paper. Soak the paper in Serpent’s Tears, allow to dry and then burn. Use the ashes in your ritual. Sprinkle on your enemy’s doorstep. To cause your enemy to leave, write their name nine times on a piece of paper and place it in this bottle. Place bottle with paper in their garbage bin to be taken away next collection day.
SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS OIL The seven powers will help you in bringing your desires to reality. A good multi purpose oil.
SEVEN DAY UNCROSSING OIL Free yourself from a burden within one week. Use this for a difficult and exceptionally strong curse.
SEVEN DROPS OF LOVE OIL Popular oil used in love and relationship spells.
SEVEN ELEVEN OIL Gets rid of bad influences, hidden dangers, or planned treachery from others, draws in beneficial rays.
SEVEN HOLY SPIRITS OIL Perhaps this oil can remind one that, when in danger, retreat until the peril has faded. Then proceed with the objective, plan, or mission without hindrance from enemies.
SEVEN MEN (Siete Machos) OIL Very powerful for attracting money and the opposite sex for men only, be sure you are the special man in your lady’s life
SEVEN POWERS OIL Love, Power, Protection, Clairvoyance, Road opener, Success and Money.
SEVENTH HEAVEN OIL Brings wonderful satisfaction in sexual relations.
SEXUAL ENERGY OIL Used to attract a sexual partner or partners.
SHAMAN’S DREAM OIL A sacred anointing oil for Shamanic Journeying and Vision Quests
SHI SHI OIL Cleanse your path toward advancement of all obstacles, triumph over adversaries
SHIFTING SANDS OIL If you are seeking change in your life ~ this oil is for you.
SHINING SANCTUARY OIL Use to aid in building and reaching your personal Astral Temple. Also used to aid user in reaching temple of God and Goddess.
SHOESTRING ROOT OIL For those who like to play cards it brings the lucky forces to your hands
SHOWERS OF GOLD OIL Traditionally used in rituals for quick and speedy wealth from an enterprise of some kind. Rub 1 drop on each hand when betting/playing cards; when shaking hands over a money-making deal etc. Anoint stake money with 1 drop oil. Anoint your money before you spend it or put it on the doorknob at your place of business. Naturally, you may use it to anoint candles for money increasing rituals
SIVA OIL The great Creator and Destroyer God, patron of yogis.
SIVA SAKTI OIL  Goddess Parvati and her consort Siva; parents of Ganesh.
SKADI GODDESS OIL  Dark twin of Freya. Crone wisdom, dark magic, birth giver, knowledge of the shadows, Norse patroness of the witches
SKULL (Calaveras) OIL Use in love rituals to make the ritual more powerful
SLEEP OIL Worn to induce a deep natural restful sleep.
SNAKE OIL The most powerful all purpose anointing oil you can find.  Money, lust, protection and power. Win the most difficult court cases, helps the sick recover, and assures a solution to money problems. Also used for protection and breaking people up.
SNOW MOON OIL For strengthening communication with God and Goddesses, Transformation, Good for holding fast and taking root.
SNUFF OIL Use this when someone has betrayed you.
SODALITE GEMSTONE OIL For wisdom, meditation, healing, peace.
SOLAR AMBER OIL When life is very dull use this and the sun will shine for you like it does after rain
SONG OF SOLOMON OIL Gives the ability to speak or sing well, to understand better, judge others justly. Women find this irresistible on men.
SOPHIA OIL Sophia is the Divine Feminine principle  that appeared in many cultures of the world.  This oil blend is wisdom, insight, beauty and transcendent spirituality. Let go of the past while bringing acceptance of the present and spiritually opening to the higher self in meditation.
SORTES SACRAE OIL Add this to other recipes to make them work faster
SOUL MATE OIL Use to aid in focusing in on and drawing your desired soul mate closer to the user.
SOUTH OIL Attracts the southern elementals such as salamanders
SPANISH MOSS OIL Evil will not enter where this is used.  Free earthbound spirits that torment people.
SPEARMINT  OIL Healing, Love and Mental powers
SPECIAL FAST LUCK OIL Clear away resistance which stands in the way of your aims.
SPECIAL FAVOR OIL St. Jude may come to your aid when all else has failed.
SPECIAL #20 OIL When going through a crisis, this will improve your condition. Also use when you want to loosen someones tongue, makes them tell you what you want or need to know.
SPELL BREAKING OIL Protect yourself from spells being put upon you. Also to prevent hexing and to break spells placed you.
SPICED VANILLA OIL Put a little party into your life ! Can be used for sexual fire in addition to love. A captivating scent.
SPIDER QUEEN OIL Used for domination and controlling.  Use with Spider Queen candle.
SPIRIT GUIDE OIL Encourages the coming forth of helpful and beneficent spirits. Advantageous when attempting to use a ouija board or when contacting spirits.
SPIRIT OIL Increase awareness of spiritual realm. Use to aid in keeping negative influences away. Used to aid in increasing clairvoyant powers as well as contacting those who have crossed the veils.
SPIRIT ELEMENTAL OIL   Used to represent or connect to the God and Goddess. Useful for almost all magickal applications including longevity and past-life regressions. Try anointing the “Spirit”, “God”, or “Goddess” candle on your altar with this oil.
SPIRITUAL FAST LUCK OIL For good luck, health and fortune in financial deals.
SPIRITUAL GOOD LUCK OIL Practitioners customarily sprinkle one drop in each corner of each room of house weekly to cleanse atmosphere, overcome bad habits and moderate immoral leanings of yourself or others. Put four drops in bath mix vigorously and bathe when desire for habit is strongest. To bring same benefits to others without their knowledge some put four drops into washing machine when washing their clothes.
SPIRITUAL POWER OIL For increased faith and energy, confidence and vitality.
SPIRITUAL VISION OIL Excellent when looking for a job or promotion.
SPIRITUALIST OIL Used by spiritualist before and after a séance
SPRING FLOWERS OIL Use for a new lease on life. Uplifts and exhilarates.
SQUINT OIL Prevent or stop your partner from wandering. Also to make a lover return to you.
STAR OF THE SEA OIL Used by fishermen for protection also for good fishing (sex)
STARRY WISDOM OIL When seeking wisdom and advice from the outer world
STAY AT HOME OIL Traditionally used to keep lover from straying or son or daughter from bad company.
STAY AWAY OIL For times when you want a person to keep clear away from you
STAY WITH ME OIL Alleged to hold the lover you have and to ensure marital fidelity.
STEADY WORK OIL Believed to assist in gaining and maintaining regular employment. Bolster your courage and confidence with this when looking for work.
STOP GOSSIP OIL  To shut the mouths of false friends and those who speak ill of you. Used with a bit of slippery elm's bark and a TAPA VOCA (Shut Your Mouth) candle
STORM MOON OIL For Protection from Poverty, Excellent for new beginnings, Breaks illusions to show the truth.
STREGA OIL Use to arouse passion and attract love
STUDENT OIL Use to help pass tests, concentrate on schoolwork and better understand your teachers.
STUDY and EXAMS SUCCESS OIL Use so you can connect with the source of all knowledge.
SUCCESS OIL Said to draw success to any enterprise – particularly businesses and in situations where you desire to influence others.
SUMMER SOLSTICE Oil used in ritual to bring about the male energy of the Sabbat.
SUN GOD OIL Oil is worn to evoke the sun’s healing energies.
SUN PLANETARY OIL Said to help with material gain, dissolving hostility and gaining strength. Use this oil for the representation of Sun Energy. This oil is excellent for healing, protection, success, illumination, magickal power, physical energy and used to end legal matters.
SUNRISE OIL Excellent for morning devotionals and /or giving you that added “push” in the morning.
SURE TO WIN OIL Used to sway your luck in your direction, very popular for gambling.
SUTCHA OIL Use to help stay healthy.
SWALLOW’S BLOOD OIL Used in many love drawing rituals. Use as a substitute for swallow real blood
SWALLOW’S EYE OIL Use to ward off evil. Use to stop people from giving you the evil eye
SWALLOW’S HEART OIL Used for general protection. Also used on gambling charms for better luck.
SWEET DREAMS OIL Helps to ensure dreams that you enjoy of a good nature.
SWEETGRASS  OIL Cleansing a sacred space and Spiritual Attraction
~ T ~
TAME OIL Quiets and calms one’s temper.  Have your lover do your bidding without hesitation.
TAPER OIL Use to attract love healing and positive forces
TAR OIL Very powerful and designed to create unusual and very difficult problems to your enemies
TAURUS ZODIAC OIL  This is the sign of Practical Magic! Use for solidifying your Material needs. It gives Security in an ever changing environment. Use for the Practical Intelligence to secure the necessities of your life. Enhance your capacity to magnetize others. Easy going, friendly, ability to generate material wealth, practical, stable, pragmatic, materialistic, inflexible.
TEASING LOVER OIL Boost and rejuvenate your romance.
TEJAS OIL Many Texans have used this powerful mixture to become rich (so they say)
TEMPLE OIL Use to clear the mind and bring inner peace for meditation. Used by those who meditate, and by mediums to develop power.
TEMPERANCE OIL Oil is worn to create balance in the wearer.
TEN COMMANDMENTS OIL For anointing tools, and those sorely troubled by past mistakes.
TEN SILVERS OIL Use when going roads tend to get rough and close use to open them back up
TETRAGRAMMATON OIL Use to be able to talk to the spirits.
THELEMA OIL     Sacred oil used in ritual within the Thelemic tradition
THIEF OIL Helps in exposing the thief to you and will cause him untold grief he might return the stolen goods
THIRD EYE OIL  Anoint the Third Eye (in between your eyes on the forehead) before scrying, Tarot, Chamalongo Readings, Cowrie Shell Readings, or any form of meditation or divination. Increases your clairvoyance.
THOR OIL Strength, courage, warfare, and raw power
THOTH GOD OIL   Wisdom, expression, speech and writing
THREE BUDDHA’S OIL For good luck and protection.
THREE JACKS and a KING OIL Luckiest of all good luck oils.  Also for success in court.
THREE KINGS OIL Brings many talents, endowments and favors.
THREE KNAVES OIL Use as an offering to the spirits.
THRIFTY OIL Should you require generosity from friends and relatives, this oil will make them more willing to help.
TIGERS EYE GEMSTONE OIL For divination, energy, courage, money, good  luck, protection.
TIPHARETH OIL Discovering the mysteries of beauty, harmony, and Solar energies; centered consciousness; stimulating the energy of the soul manifest in life. This invokes dark spirits from the outer world
TOBACCO INFUSION OIL Used in court case and spiritual contact work.
TO GET RID OF OIL Sprinkle oil in the path of a person you want to get rid of.
TRANQUILITY OIL For tranquility, and calmness. Helps you make intelligent decisions and clears the mind of extraneous thoughts.
TRANQUILLO OIL Use to calm the nerves of a sensitive person.  Wear oil to always be in good spirits.
TRANSFORMATION OIL Use to aid in any changes physical, spiritual, or emotional in life. Aids in not only coping , but in needed growth and advancement of the soul.
TRINITY OIL Draw Blessings, Succeed in spiritual undertakings -Trinity Oil is designed to bring forth spiritual blessings in your work. Use it whenever you mediate, pray or attempt psychic readings. Anoint a Seal of Jesus of God to make oneself impregnable from evil forces
TRIPLE ACTION OIL Use to attract love, health and riches.
TRIPLE CROSS OIL Use this when you are amongst people you don’t trust. Protects from devious schemes.
TRIPLE GODDESS OIL Use to balance the female energy in your life
TRYST OIL  Use when you want passion to enter a relationship
TUBER ROSE OIL Love, Healing, Beauty. Sensual – just great for cozy nights around the fire
TULIP  OIL Use this for Love and Prosperity
TURQUOISE OIL Use when you want a stressful life to turn into an easy life
TURN BACK OIL Protect and cleanse your home from harmful situations.
TWISTING OIL When someone is hexing put this in their yard or on the doorway this will reverse it
~ U ~
UNCROSSING OIL To be used sparingly. Very Powerful. Used when you believe you have been hexed or cursed, will break the spell and protect you from further attack.
UNFAITHFUL OIL Sprinkle on the unfaithful party to help make them stop fooling around
UNFORGIVING OIL   Use in order to be forgiven for any wrong that you have done
UNHEXING OIL Used to remove hexes placed upon you.
UNTRUTHFUL OIL Makes people tell you the truth expose their lies
UNITY OIL All who use this oil are connected to a common energy pool for added energy during Spells and Rituals. Connect to the energy pool on the 1st day of every month.
UNIVERSAL OIL For enhancing positive magical workings.
URANUS PLANETARY OIL Inspires your natural talents, and you will become more open with others.
URIEL ARCH – ANGEL OIL Element Earth, signifying consolidation. Guardian of the North, shows the power of light shining in the the darkness. Associated with wisdom, tolerance, and development. Patron of law & learning, associated with Winter and night. This oil can be used for understanding, for knowledge, and for peace of mind.
 ~ V ~
VALERIAN OIL    Pungent oil generally used in love spells. A staple in love potions in Voodoo and Santeria. Often used on red love candles. Inscribe your desire on a candle with a new pin and anoint with oil before lighting.
VAN VAN OIL Van Van is favored for dressing Amulets and Charms and is reputed to Clear Evil from the Door-Step, Change Bad Luck to Good, and Open the Way to New Opportunities. Also for uncrossing and attracting love. Add to bath and wash water to be blessed with protection and the good things in life.
VANILLA  OIL Love and Lust
VENCEDOR OIL To help you conquer and overcome problems in your life.
VENUS LOVE OIL Wear to attract men ~ but only if you’re serious!
VENUS PLANETARY OIL  Love, joy, happiness, friendship, mediation. Also used for family matters and beauty. Form friendships, obtain honors, force others to come to you and be admired. Use this oil for the representation of Venus Energy. This oil is excellent for love attraction, fidelity, reconciliation, beauty, youth, pleasure, luck, and compassion.
VERBENA  OIL Used for Protection and Love
VERSATILE OIL Helps you to adapt to all changes in your life
VESPERS OF VENUS Powerful Love stimulant. Add to bath water to arouse lust. Can be applied to pulse points on the wrist whenever you wish to evoke the qualities of Venus.
VESTA ARU OIL Use to bring good spirits to your dwelling
VESTA GODDESS OIL Used to overcome any spell that has been placed upon you. Vesta, Queen of the Hearth. Use for spells involving house-blessing, protection, families, peace, harmony, and purification. Chastity, service, discipline, modesty and humility
VETIVERT OIL Used to help with Love, Luck and gain Money
VICTORY OIL Used when seeking triumph over rivals or enemies. Good for contest’s of wills with others.
VICTORY OVER EVIL OIL Be assured of protection from sinister forces, gossip, tricks and plots.
VIOLET OIL Used for healing, Love and Peace
VIRGIN DE COBRE OIL For love and marital problems, help overcome.
VIRGIN DE SAN JUAN OIL Use this oil with candle of same name for help with any problems.
VIRGO ZODIAC OIL Know when to be Serious and Intelligent. For Effective and Efficient use of your Talents. When Meticulous details are necessary. A Rational Precision to have a successful completion. Bolsters your easily hurt feelings  and ego, helps maintain health, happiness and peace of mind. Conscientious, critical, independent, realistic, cynical, hard hearted, intolerant of other peoples imperfections.
VISION OIL Brings prophetic dreams, used by spiritualists when calling upon spirits for guidance.
VISION QUEST OIL with Mugwort to stimulate creative visualization and the third eye
VISNU OIL The multi incarnated Preserver of the Universe.  Use for protection.
VOLADORE OIL Very powerful to get rid of someone or to make them move away
VOODOO OIL Haitian crossing or hexing oil. Also to bless prayer rooms and protect from evil.
VOODOO NIGHT OIL Use to cast a spell on somebody you don’t like, must be used on a full moon.
VOODOO PROTECTION OIL Created for any Voodoo workings.
~ W ~
WALL BREAKER OIL Do not let barriers which come up between you and progress cause you to give up. To eliminate financial problems.
WANING MOON OIL This is used at rites of the waning moon, to draw upon the lunar influences
WANING MOON RITUAL OIL Use this oil when banishing unwanted energies or people.
WAR OIL Create tranquility and peace out of chaos that is caused by others.
WATER ELEMENTAL OIL  To bring love, peace, healing. sleep, dreams and psychism. Friendship, Reconciliation and Understanding. Good for rituals concerning Healing, Compassion, Friendship, Reconciliation, Dreams, Psychism, Peace, Sleep, and other “Water” elements. Try anointing the “Water” candle on your altar with this oil.
WATER OF NOTRE DAME Add this to love spells and love baths as it is ruled by .Eros., son of .Aphrodite., goddess of love. Place a few drops in your chalice during rituals concerning love. Sprinkle around the home to calm stress and household upheavals. It is said to also attract Fairies and induce tranquility.
WAXING MOON RITUAL OIL  Use this oil for growth or gathering. This is used for rites of the waxing moon to draw upon the lunar influences
WEALTH OIL Traditionally wear oil on person as attraction oil & anoint candles during money rituals. Anoint purse or wallet & seed money to ‘grow’ more. Anoint throat chakra in wealth rites whilst visualizing object of desire. Brings money into your life.
WEALTH DRAWING OIL Customarily used like Wealth Oil but also said to be good for astral linking material object of your desire to yourself – magically charge bottle then meditate /visualize target object strongly on waxing moon. Seek (similar) object in reality and surreptitiously anoint it. Repeat until moon is full or object obtained.
WEALTHY WAY OIL Worn to attract riches and receive financial blessings.
WEAR AWAY OIL Use to place a mild curse on someone to teach them a lesson
WEED OF MISFORTUNE OIL Use to change one’s luck from bad to more fortunate. Also to make your enemies lose everything they own.
WEST OIL This oil attracts water elementals such as Undines.
WHITE GODDESS OIL To invoke the graciousness of the Silver Lady in any pagan rite and feel her presence. Ideal for oblation rituals (solo dedications of loyalty to the goddess) by beginner witches (Anoint forehead, breasts, solar plexus, left and then right foot). Also superb for anointing High Priestess before Drawing Down The Moon rite to gain presence of The Lady.
WHITE MUSK OIL For jinx removal.
WICCAN ALTAR OIL Crafted specifically for Wiccan Altars, contains oils of all four elements in a base of Frankincense
WILL POWER OIL Gives courage to say what you need to, or restraint to keep the tongue still, assists in things requiring will power.
WIND OF DREAMS OIL Aids in dream work and prophecy. Also used to aid in bringing your dreams to your conscious recall. Especially good for those who are advanced in this area
WINNERS CIRCLE OIL Assists in games and luck. Use for gambling and card playing also for bingo when you don’t want to share the prize
WINNING NUMBER OIL Helps you choose the winning number.
WISDOM OIL Helps turn knowledge into useable wisdom
WISH OIL Assists in bringing about your wishes, desires and dreams.
WISHBONE OIL Use with wishbone from a chicken breast to make wishes come true
WISHING OIL Often used on 7 Knob Candles to make wishes and dreams come true.
WISTERIA OIL Occultists, metaphysicians, healers and voodooists alike all praise this oil. When worn as a perfume it attracts good vibrations. Sprinkle it on the floor to attract happy occasions to the premises.
WITCH OIL Use when you want to get even with someone.
WITCHES OIL Get rid of interfering people, cause discord between persons disloyal to you.
WITCH AGAINST WITCHCRAFT OIL This will protect you from witchcraft and your enemies
WITCHES BATH OIL Pre – ritual oil for the cleansing bath.
WITCHES BREW OIL Enhances psychic abilities and spiritual attunement.
WITCHES GARDEN OIL For new beginnings ~ use this oil for a great way to get off to a good start. Especially for fertility, pregnancy and a new business venture.
WOLF BANE OIL Anoint candles and charms for protection from all evil. Do not wear on skin or drink.
WOLF’S BLOOD OIL Use in the place real wolf’s blood
WOLF MOON OIL For Change of Luck, Good Fortune, Protection Spells, Reversing, Unity of oneself towards a goal.
WOLF’S EYE OIL Protective scent, prevent burglars from entering and make sure you are directed along a safe path wherever you venture.
WOLF’S HEART OIL Used as an attraction mixture to draw attention to oneself. Use to give courage and to help businesses push closer to their goals
WOOD SONG OIL Use when you need help from the spirits to resolve a difficult problem
WORMSWOOD OIL Use to discontinue a relationship
~ X ~
XX DOUBLE CROSS OIL Protects your home from double dealing and deceitful enemies. Also, to get even, sprinkle across the path of your enemy.
XXX ALGIERS OIL  The XXX in the name refers to its “Triple Strength”. Algiers Oils is used for Luck in both Gambling and Love. Also known as Fast Luck or Luck in a Hurry, the blend will bring a lover to your bed and cash into your pocket. This sweet smelling oil is colored naturally with Alkanet. It is created to be fast acting but of short duration
~ Y ~
YA YA OIL Helps increase your chances of becoming pregnant
YAKA OIL Add to jinx or black magick spells a very powerful crossing agent
YEMAYA FERTILITY OIL This oil is used for fertility spells when working with the Orisha Yemaya and Nkisi Madre De Agua.
YESOD OIL Discovering the mysteries of the astral levels and Lunar energies; to connect to the divine plan.
YLANG YLANG Brings Opportunity and peace when used
YO YO OIL Use against females that are bothering your man turn her unwanted advances away
YOUTH OIL This oil is used to reenergize the body.
YULA OIL  Never Use except when the death of an enemy is desired Use with black candles
YULE SABBAT OIL Used for rituals at this sabbat.
~ Z ~
ZAWBA OIL Causes lovers and very close friends to fight and dissension in marriage and business partners
ZEUS GOD OIL   Creator, patriarchal father, leadership, popularity, ambition, power and authority
ZODIAC OIL  Attract favorable planetary vibrations at any time.
ZOMBI OIL Use only in casting very serious hexing or cursing spells
ZONKA OIL During the full moon while outside Use this to break an evil spell
ZORBA OIL To make your man stronger and more powerful during sex lightly rub on both partners
ZORRA OIL Use to get rid of someone that is unwanted or is always causing problems
ZULA ZULA OIL  Hexing oil which brings revenge or harm to your enemies. Sprinkle oil where enemies are sure to touch it.

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